Friday from Nokomis

We are in Nokomis at the Vacation house for a long weekend although I will actually be doing work while we’re here because I’m obviously a masochist or boring or both.

totally me

Yesterday at lunch time I quickly ran over to the postal place to mail off some packages to Tennessee and Virginia so they’d arrive in time for Christmas.  I figured with 10 days of time ground shipping should be no problem but apparently the post office is mega expensive and the postal store said FedEx was my best option of one of the packages and priority mail on the other.  Anywho, I walked out of there seventy one dollars poorer and I don’t even know how.

what the hell happened

I’m positive I told the girl I was in no hurry for the packages to arrive in two days.  I’m even more positive I said I didn’t want to spend a fortune.  And I know I said I that I was perfectly fine with snail mail or ground shipping.

I was dupped and I didn’t even see it coming.

I have three more packages to mail today.  The most important of which are the kids because it’s not only his Christmas presents but also his birthday presents so the third package well, I might just return that gift and send a damn gift card.  I’m not paying anymore jacked up charges.  That’s ridiculous.

We had a brief cold front blow in this morning.  It was just cool enough that Hank allowed me to put his cute little sweater on.


Mostly, he tolerated it.  But how cute is that sweater!  It only lasted an hour.  He’s back to his ‘Naught is the new nice’ shirt.

That’s it for me, I’m off for a quick run and then on to some work.

What are your plans for the weekend?

Anyone mailing packages this year?


7 thoughts on “Friday from Nokomis

  1. I worked most of my weekend, finished shopping Sat. Mailed my gifts today. Fool at the PO told me it’d be quicker to use self check out. Nope. Guy at the machine took forever and a ton of people finished at the counters before he did (at least 10 people). A lady who was leaving said, “no line, no line!”. Bless her. $31 for my package. If I’d have had time, it would have gone UPS instead probably.

    It’s been too dang cold here, haven’t ran. 🙁

  2. I could stare at the picture forever….so stinkin’ cute. How can you stand it?!? LOL. I am not mailing any packages but anyone notice how freaking expensive greeting cards have gotten. I picked up one and it was $6.50! What?!?

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