Friday five, running in rain, or not.

It’s raining here this morning.  And it’s a bit nippy, and by nippy I mean it’s hovering around 50 degrees.  I don’t mind the cooler weather but the rain threw a hitch in my plans because I didn’t feel like running it in this morning.  I mean, I tried to, but I came back after only a mile and a half.

I can’t believe I’ve been actually telling people how much I love to run in the rain for all these years because apparently I don’t.

So i guess i dont like rain

So there’s that.

I finally put up some outside decorations.  I didn’t put a lot but I did find one in particular that I had to have.  Can you guess which one it is?

Weiner dog decor

You would think that because it looks like him Hank would be fond of it but no, he already peed on it.  Bastard.

For the next two weeks I am reviewing a technical gadget and I can’t wait to let you know how it performs.  So stay tuned for that.  I got it yesterday and I’m super excited about it.  You know how I love gadgets!

Yesterday America lost a true hero, John Glenn.  I really wanted to fact check this morning and write a tribute because I want as many people as possible to know as much about this man as they possibly can.  This is a man who married his high school sweetheart and whom he has remained married to for 70 years! A man who not only traveled to space in his forties but returned to space in his seventies to help study the effects of aging.

John Glenn was a humble distinguished American hero and If you’d like to learn more about the great man that John Glenn was visit this Wikipedia page.

It’s your best bet.  I checked all the news feeds this morning and the top story was how Kanye recently resurfaced with blond hair….



One last thing, Gatlingburg re-opens today and I mentioned earlier in the week that my Grandpa and my Dad and Uncles built the train that was used at Dollywood.  Well, my sweet cousin had a picture and she posted it on my facebook page for me.  This made my whole week!

The steam train.

That’s my dear sweet Papaw, My daddy and my Uncles.  Look at those cool hats!

Happy Friday y’all!

What are your plans? 

Is it cold where you are?

Is it raining or snowing?

10 thoughts on “Friday five, running in rain, or not.

  1. I LOVE the wiener dog decoration and I guess Hank felt he needed to Christin it. Snowing here and -30. The only thing I know about Gatlingburg is that Kenny Rogers mentions it in his songs, and I LOVE his songs….and that final pic reminds of what REAL men look like! That is an awesome photo!

    • Thanks, it’s one of my favorite pictures from my childhood and I’m totally going to have it framed.

      Snow sounds lovely but only to look at, I don’t think I could run in it or even walk around in it for very long…LOL

  2. If I told you we got snow on Tuesday night and on Thursday we hit -6 and today I ran and it was 5 degrees would you believe me?!? It actually was not bad out there…I did have to drive to another area where the streets were clear but it was really lovely. That being said, I am really wanting my summer weather back ASAP.

    • Wow -6! That is cold. I am almost positive I would be hibernating. You are amazing to run in 5 degrees. I could never do that. I have mad respect for you. I ran in 40 this morning and my hands were frozen. I’m a big wuss!

  3. Great picture!

    I ran 4 miles today in the moderate cold – 50. Tomorrow I am doing a Jingle Bell jog and it’ll be a few degrees colder 🙁 Then I’m helping out with our holiday party and later attending said party lol

    I miss my cheapo Garmin a bit. I miss the weather information it collected. My TomTom doesn’t provide that info.

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