35 miles and visiting my other trail, a weekend update.

I cannot believe that it’s December 5th already.  I feel like it was just Halloween!  MacGyver and I spent the weekend down in Venice because we hadn’t been to our house in Nokomis since mid-October and MacGyver’s parents have arrived for the season for we wanted to go down and see them.

Since we haven’t been down to our house for over two months so you can imagine, there was some serious yard work that needed to be done.  I don’t really mind all the yard work, its cathartic to me but MacGyver hates it.  He hates it so much that when he happened upon a local garage sale and saw that they were selling a lawn tractor he decided to purchase it.  For me, he said.  But then we had to get it back to the house.

MacGyver on the Tractor

I followed along in the SUV.  He might mow the asphalt but at least he obeys all the traffic laws.

And you know that while I was down there I had to visit an old friend.  Both Saturday and Sunday morning I hit up the Legacy Trail for five miles.

the Legacy Trail

It felt so good to run on the trail again, I missed it.  It’s good to change things up and run a different trail and I’m so lucky that I have two awesome trails so close to me that I love so much and they are both literally a few blocks from my front door.    I forget sometimes how fortunate I am and I need to remind myself of that more often.  I sure do have a lot to be thankful for.

Last week I ran 35 miles total.  I cross trained with weights for two days.   Also, I cut out processed sugars but more on that later.

Many of know that I’m originally from Tennessee.  Most of my family still lives there and they live very close to Sevier County.  My Grandfather and my Uncles built the original train used by the park that is now Dollywood and my niece used to work at Dollywood as did a lot of her friends. Everyone in my family has grown up playing in the hills of the Great Smoky Mountains.  It’s a special, magical place.

This link will take you to a local news site and if you scroll to the bottom there is an article that will tell you where to help the victims of this terrible tragedy.

There is also a short video of a harrowing escape that one of the local homeowners took as she was fleeing her home.  It’s heartbreaking and chilling at the same time.

Tell me about your weekend.

How many miles did you run?  And where?

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