WTF Wednesday, runners should not die during races, period.

Arthur Knochenhauer was just shy of his 81st birthday.  He was a retired veterinarian who only began running at the very young age of 72.

This past weekend he competed in the Michelob ultra Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon.

He did not finish.

Arthur Knochenhauer

He was struck down by a BMW who crossed over the blocked off course and Mr. Knochenhauer later died at the hospital.

WTF?  What is wrong with people?  Clearly the course was marked.  I cannot for the life of me imagine what on earth would prevent someone from seeing the obstacles blocking the roadway, or the runners on the course, or the spectators holding signs.  What would cause a person to be so careless?  WTF?

My heart just aches for this man’s friends and family.  God bless him and may he rest in peace.

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, runners should not die during races, period.

    • I am expecting to hear that it was due to texting or something related to the phone. Nothing has been reported so I do not know for sure but I cant imagine what else it could be. So sad.

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