WTF Wednesday, Farting during surgery, it’s no joke

Going to the gynecologist isn’t exactly on the top of my ‘fun things to do’ list.  In fact I don’t think it’s on the top of any of my fun lists at all.  Actually it might be at the top of my ‘things I don’t like to do’ list but it’s a necessary thing that all women must do and therefore we do it.

I’m very lucky in that about the only horror story that I have in regards to the gynecologist is the one time I went to a new one and because the name was ambiguous I didn’t realize it was a man until I got there.

Oh My God

And then he walked into the room and unfortunately much to my complete and utter horror, he looked like Brad Pitt, only better! Not exactly the kind of doctor you want poking around your lady bits.  Oh Shit.  I wanted to die.

But that’s about the worst of my experiences and if that’s the worst I’ll take that all day.

I’ve had friends who have had some real horror stories.  One of my friends told me the very first time she went, she was only thirteen years old and it was a male doctor and he said to her, ‘it’s nice to see your teacup matches your saucer.’

Who do you think you are?

That just makes me so mad.   I mean, c’mon, she was thirteen!

I’m bringing all this up because recently my doctor and I discussed a uterine fibroid that I have which is calcified.  She said that since I don’t have any races on my calendar for a while I may want to consider having it removed.  She said it’s a simple surgery and the downtime wasn’t all that long and I’d be up and around and back to running in no time.

I was considering it.  I mean, it’s not causing pain or interfering with anything but it’s not supposed to be there either.  So I was researching it and considering it, and then I saw the New York Post yesterday.

burned after farting

At first I thought this was a joke but it isn’t.  This really happened.  Really. Click on the image if you want to read the article.


I’ve never really been afraid of the gynecologist but dayum.  This would scare me away for sure.  because I fart, a lot.

Tell me about an article that you’ve read lately that scared you.

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, Farting during surgery, it’s no joke

  1. I’m pretty sure the NY Post is a tabloid rag. And the fact that their source is an article from another country (language) makes it even more dubious to me.

    I get polyps. My Dr said it could be the friction caused during running. She removed one and tried to show it to me! Wtf no!

    • It is definitely a tabloid rag but still can you imagine if it’s true, it freaked me out.
      And the polyps is where we differ, I’m so gross I would have said yes please I’ll have a look. I know, I’m sick but it’s the medical curiosity I swear!

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