WTF Wednesday do you know how cold it is in some states?

So, the main difference between Florida and other places besides the lack of beaches and sun is …I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezing!

And apparently as I last mentioned so are the people who and the animals who live here and that is why we put Merle Haggard, the Goat in a Coat.

Merle the Goat

I think he likes it.

We bought them hay as well which should be good for the big goat but I’m thinking I might buy her a sweater.  Besides I think Loretta Lynn might like a nice sweater.


Too bad they don’t make clothes for chickens.

We’ve been having a pretty good time visiting some of the local gun and knife stores.  Smokey Mountain Knife Works and some others.

Check out these homemade shanks…


The displays in some of these stores are insane.

img_8128 img_8120 img_8112

So much detail.  I could have browsed for hours.  Fortunately, we had the Tanger Outlets to get to and they have a Michael Kors outlet and there was a Camel jacket that had my name written all over it.

It looks very much like this one…

camel jacket

And I love it!   I wore it to dinner last night for my sister’s birthday.

We hit up the birding park for about 5 hot minutes on Monday but we didn’t have a lot of time because we had to pick up my nice from work but I did get a few pictures.

img_8151 img_8150 img_8148

And I will be back to run those trails as soon as I do not have bronchitis and I have a little more time.

This morning is a new day and we have a new president.  Congratulations President Trump.

I’m going to go throw on all of my warm clothing and brave the cold and who knows, I might even be blogging from another state tomorrow ….stay tuned… 😉

Is it cold where you are right now?

8 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday do you know how cold it is in some states?

  1. I wake up and run in 33 degree weather lately. It is not bad for running but I do miss summer. No snow in CO yet…it’s been 60-70 degrees and wonderful!

  2. It’s a little cooler here than it is in Florida. :-/ but not bad (mid 60s at night)

    The blonde dummy looks dead in the picture with the stuffed gators lol

    Headin’ up to see the Kid (not Merle, yours 🙂 )?

  3. I can’t stand cold weather! I feel sorry for myself in winter! It’s summer in South Africa and I’m LOVING it! Get well soon and good luck with the freezing conditions.

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