Tuesday Tangents, losing serious endurance in 2 weeks what?

Yesterday Mom and I were a little early getting to my appointment with the Vampire, I mean Phlebotomist, so we decided to hit up one of my favorite health food stores so that I could get a smoothie beforehand.  The doctor had informed me that fasting was not necessary so mom and I thought a smoothie would be a good idea and couldn’t hurt.  If anything it would help get the blood flowing because we weren’t sure how many vials of blood they would need but I had a feeling with my luck they would need 6 or 7 and maybe even 8.



It was 12

Yeah, so I was pretty drained after.  I saw Hulk Hogan at the Health Food Store next door right after which isn’t really a big deal because he lives in the area but I didn’t say anything because I was so out of it I couldn’t be sure it was him, typically I would have said something sarcastic like, ‘who are you dressed up as Hulk Hogan’ (you know cause I’m a bit sarcastic) but I was tired.

I rallied anyway though because my dogs, and in particular little Hank, loves him some Halloween and I could not disappoint.   Besides we get a shit ton of trick or treaters and by shit ton I mean around 100 plus and last night was no exception.  Around 9:30ish when the teenagers started showing up in their Purge costumes I turned off all the lights and locked all the doors.

too old for trick or treating

because parents when the costumes go from cute to gory and your kids are driving up to houses all by themselves maybe just send your kids to their rooms instead. Or juvenile detention.  Or the bar.  I hear there;s some good money in costume contests these days….

Anywho….let’s talk about some tangents shall we?

I read two articles recently which I really, really wanted to share with you.  First up, in case you’ve ever wondered just how elite the Navy Seals really are, this is what they have to be able to do just to get into boot camp, boot camp, not to be a seal, just to get into boot camp.

Navy SealsJust to make it to Navy Seals bootcamp you would have to be able to do the following:

90 Push ups.  90 is the bare minimum but more is always better

50 Sit ups.  50 is the bare minimum but 100 is better

10 Pull Ups 10 is the bare minimum but 15-20 is what they’re hoping to see

A mile and half run in ten minutes and 30 seconds but you’ll have a better shot if you can do it in 9 minutes.  That’s a really good pace by the way (Six minutes for those of you who are trying to figure it out.)

And lastly, a 500 yard swim in 12 minutes and 30 seconds but optimally in 9 minutes.

Have you got what it takes to get into boot camp?  I will be the first to admit I do not nor have I ever had it.  I am a sad sack of potatoes.

And then this article really got to me because we always hear how when we are injured we should relax because we worked so hard to get into shape and we aren’t just going to lose it overnight but then I read this article and whoa nelly, now I’m going to be really paranoid about taking it easy.  I’m going to start swimming again….

This is what happens to your body when you stop exercising…

losing fitness

From the article,

Within two weeks: Your endurance will plummet and your vitals may spike

What the hell?  Click here to read the article in full.

When is the last time you took at least two weeks off from all exercise?

Do you feel like you lost any of your fitness level?  How so?

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tangents, losing serious endurance in 2 weeks what?

  1. I had gum surgery twice and had to take almost a month off running because of that. Lots of bouncing around and a sore mouth are not a good match. I felt pretty exhausted when I started running again put I really believe that those breaks help you out a lot, and force you to let your body recover and be strong.
    Love your comment about the Purge! Watched Blackish last week and that was the theme of the show. Pretty funny!!

  2. Interesting that the article talks about a drop in the V02 max. This is very misleading and 15% drop in 2 weeks seems very high. This is not necessarily a mark of pure endurance or the ability of one’s aerobic system. The Aerobic system is actually very hard to break down. Speed, on the other hand, does decrease within two weeks of doing absolutely nothing. Luckily it doesn’t take long to get it back. After two weeks of a complete lay-off, an athlete will be able to still go the distance, it just might not be as fast. At least that is what myself and my clients have experienced.

    • I agree with you. I think the 15% drop in VO2 max is misleading as well and I recently took quite a bit of time off with my only exercise being walking and your right endurance came back quite easy for me, speed is coming back slower but it’s coming.

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