Tuesday tangent, spread the word and help bring this Mother home.

A few weeks ago I was reading the news online late at night. That’s when  I read the sad news that no one ever wants to hear, that another mother, another runner, had gone missing.

Sherri PapiniSherri Papini went out for a run on Wednesday morning November 2nd but she never returned.   A beautiful 34 year old with two young children, it wasn’t long before family members realized something was amiss.  It was actually the very same day when she didn’t show up at the daycare center to pick up her kids.

Sherri’s husband used the Find my iPhone app to locate her phone which he did, about a mile and a half from their home, her headphones were still attached as were some strands of her hair.  He did not find Sherri.

I’ve continued to follow this story in the hopes that Sherri would be found quickly and safely.  Sadly There hasn’t been much news at all.  In the first few days there was a lot of press and then even the news reports dwindled.  I find that so disturbing.  Why aren’t more people talking about this?  Why aren’t more people doing something?

This wasn’t my intended post today but I was compelled to say something.  To do something, however small it might be, I just needed to.

Spread the word,would you please?  Keep this story alive.  For God’s sake this woman is missing.  She’s out there.  And she matters.  So let’s help bring her home.

The family has an official facebook page here, please visit the page and share it.

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