Thursday – The TCS New York City Marathon

This weekend is the 2016 TCS New York City Marathon.  I wish I was running in it or even standing on the sidelines cheering everyone on.  That would be so amazing, but unfortunately, I’m over here deleting all my emails just in case…I need extra space on my hard drive or something.

I love following the elite athletes and the celebrities who sometimes run the New York City Marathon every year but my favorite stories are the ones that you don’t often hear about and the stories that warm your heart and sometimes make you cry a little.

Like this one….

This Mom is changing her shirt 26 times to honor 26 beautiful people and if you can get through this entire story without a tear you are stronger than I.  Click on the video to see the story.

mom-changing-shirtsAnd this one about the superman from my youth, Christopher Reeve.  I loved him.  He was an icon and I clearly remember when he was injured and subsequently paralyzed.  This year his son Will Reeve will be running his very first Marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon for the Christopher Reeve foundation.


If you want to watch the race you can go to this link for information.

Do you plan on watching the race this weekend?

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