The hills are alive, with the sound of runners

To say that yesterday was a little stressful for me is like saying the Grand Canyon is this little hole somewhere in America.

Stressful, hell yeah

As many of you know the Kid lives in Columbus but what a lot of you don’t know is that he has had some issues getting the title of his car transferred from Florida to the state of Ohio.  Without that title transfer he cannot get his tags and without Ohio tags he cannot drive his car because he had to return his Florida plate to the state of Florida.  The kid has to take a bus which means he has to leave almost two hours earlier than normal because the bus goes through downtown and near OSU and not on the interstate which is how he would normally go to work.

(You can only drive on your out of state tag for so long until they make you turn it in or you can risk losing your license and the kid is all ‘I’m not gonna break the law’ where as I would have been ‘just drive on it and be careful’ but he’s a good kid in spite of me so thank God for that.)

Anyhow, in case you’re wondering where in the hell I’m going with this post, yesterday when Columbus was being ordered to Run, Hide, Fight,  I was wondering if the kid was still on the  damn bus and anywhere near High Street!  Thankfully, he was nowhere near the area but once I entered the stress zone, I was there for the remainder of the day.

Pulling my hair out

I cannot wait until that title transfer goes through and I can go back to worrying about the normal things like the occasional neighborhood shootings, bad drivers, and wandering interstate deer.  I’d better stop myself now.

I did go for a five mile run yesterday to release some stress.  It helped immensely.  I definitely needed the release.  I even finished it up with a hill at the end.  I never do that.  Obviously I was feeling badass or I needed to feel badass but either way when it was over I just felt bad.

I mean I was fine, I wasn’t injured, just not in the shape I once was in because at the end I decided I’d run the last half mile up the hill by my house, which is a pretty steep incline for Florida, and no it’s not a bridge, it’s an actual hill.

Anyway, I’m chugging along and I think I really am making good time and that I really have this down and I’m repeating this mantra in my head, I got this, I got this, I got this.

I don't got this hill thing anymore

I need to run more hills.  I used to eat this hill for breakfast on a regular basis.  What’s wrong with me?  It’s time to get back to basics.

When is the last time that you ran hills and do you incorporate them into your regular running routine?

6 thoughts on “The hills are alive, with the sound of runners

  1. I would have just kept my FL tags until the title transfer was done. I’ve never surrendered my old plates. Also, I need to get this done myself. 🙁 I’m sad to do it.

    I’ve been running on my days off but no hills. But I just caught a cold so IDK if I will run today. 50/50 chance.

    • I hate to surrender tags too but I guess Florida is a real stickler about it now. I’m not sure why.

      I think I over did it with the hills but I’m glad I got an idea of where my fitness level is because now I now it’s stuck on shit and I need improvement stat! LOL

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