Monday in Tennessee, yep Tennessee!

Hey from Knoxville y’all!


Yeah, so we’re on a little trip up to see my family.

But first can I just say a big hella congrats to Molly Huddle!  Holly runner.  Man!  Molly Huddle is a force!  Go Girl Go.  She killed it yesterday.

As for what we’re doing….MacGyver and I packed up the doggies and headed out on Saturday afternoon following mom and the Shakespeare.

Boomer rides like a boss

Let’s do this!

We got to my Mom’s house pretty late on Saturday night and while most of us were dog tired Boomer decided to take a swim at midnight.  He’s weird like that.

The next morning I took pictures of the beautiful trees which Hank was a little confused by.

Fall trees

How many leaves is a fall exactly?

lots of leaves

These leaves go on forever!

We got to my sister’s farmhouse Sunday afternoon and commenced the farmin’ (that means we sat on the porch for a bit and then the women went shopping while the men went hunting and then we watched the walking dead).  In case you’re wondering.

My sister got two new goats.  The big one is Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn

And the baby is Merle.  He was cold this morning.

Baby goat

I suggested we put him in in a coat because doesn’t everyone put animals in clothing?  A goat in a coat?  That would be cute right?  We did it anyway.  I’m pretty sure he liked it.  I’ll take pictures.  If you’re wondering where we got a coat for a goat we didn’t go out and buy one.  Hank had extra’s.

We’re off to the birding park.  I’m not allowed to run for a few more days but I can hike!

When is the last time you went to a farm?

4 thoughts on “Monday in Tennessee, yep Tennessee!

  1. Oh, TN is so beautiful! And I love the goats. I dream of living on a very small (just enough to support my husband and myself) farm with veggies and chickens and something to slaughter. I would love that so much. Looks like a wonderful little getaway.

  2. Goats! 🙂 I used to say that I wanted a pygmy goat because they’re cute and would take care of the lawn. I want to see the baby goat in a coat.

    Have fun on vacation!

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