Monday already, what?

I was so excited on Friday because I just knew that this weekend I was going to get all kinds of things accomplished.  MacGyver and I didn’t have any major plans and we didn’t have anywhere to go and he didn’t have to work for a change.  Yep, I was going to get all caught up on my work and we were going to get our lawn work done and then the house was finally going to get clean and organize and prepared for the wondrous decorating that I love so much.

didnt happen

I mean, I tried like a beast to make it happen, I really did and normally it would have.  My old self would have whipped this place into shape like a boss but lately I don’t know, either I just move slower or I’m not as organized as I thought I was.

What I needed was a day without MacGyver around so that I could purge because we have too much crap and most of it is his because I can let go of shit and he has a hard time with that.  I swear to you, it’s the God’s honest truth.

Every year, I pray for hunting season just so I can have days alone to throw out every damn pair of socks and underwear with holes in them because as God is my witness, if I do it when he’s home, he’ll dig them out of the garbage and yell at me for throwing away perfectly good socks and underwear that he could be using in the garage as rags.  (Not that we don’t have 3 huge trash bags full of rags out there already mind you because we need more!)

seriously more holy underwear

Plus, do you know how embarrassing it is when you’re washing your car while chatting it up with the neighbor and then you go to dry it off and you whip out a pair of hole embellished boxer briefs and you don’t even notice but the neighbor does.


Um, excuse me but you’ve got a few holes in your, um rag there.

It aint pretty.

The entire weekend was not a wash though because I did get things done.  I ran 5 and a half miles on Saturday and on Sunday I walked 5 and a half miles.  I weed eat-ed the entire lawn on Sunday and I planted a mulberry tree that my neighbor gave me on Saturday.  A good friend of ours also brought me another tree on Sunday but I didn’t plant it yet because it’s a tree that I’ve wanted for a really long time and I can’t decide where I want to put it yet.

I’m a little OCD when it comes to things like that because the last time I planted a tree somewhere without really planning it out MacGyver ran over it with the lawn tractor so I’m gonna have to get some edging stones and put a lot of thought into this….

Are you starting to see why nothing ever gets done around here?  It involves a lot of planning people,  PLANNING!  PREPARATION! AND COVERT MANEUVERING….


I did somehow manage to steam clean the carpet.  That sounds like a huge deal except that we only have carpet in two rooms and I only steamed clean one of them and only the areas that weren’t covered by the two hug area rugs because honestly those parts don’t really get dirty anyway so they didn’t need to be cleaned, right?

Is it just me, or do I sound really lazy?  I’m not, I swear!


Yes you are lady, we both are, and I still love you. Now get me the jerky. Beef jerky. The turkey jerky sucks. I’ve been meaning to tell you.  Hurry along now and turn up the heat while your at it.

Could someone tell Boomer (aka, the big black lab) he might be a tad too big for that bed?

Despite feeling like crap for most of the week I still managed to run/walk 32 miles last week and I’m making a lot of headway on my projects so there’s something.

One thing I did not do this weekend is watch the American Music Awards.  I just couldn’t see trading the Walking Dead for that although after watching last nights episode it might not have been a bad trade.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, but Tom Payne’s pretty little face carried that show last night and that’s all I have to say about that.  I just didn’t watch the AMA’s because it looked vapid and boring.  If you watched it, and you can tell me if it was anything other than vapid or boring, please do so.  I’d love to hear how it was and if you enjoyed it or hated it.

That’s it for me. Hope your Monday is a good one.  I’m off to try and get something done today.  Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it.

Did you get anything done this weekend?

8 thoughts on “Monday already, what?

  1. My weekend was crazy – friday evening I spent with a friend and his wife in IKEA – for four freakin’ hours… I figure that shopping in IKEA with another mans wife must earn me some positive karma points 😉
    Saturday was spent helping them move into their new house – so good deeds done; and weekend GONE…
    With sunday being rainy and stormy I ended up decided that I would just count “carrying heavy objects” as “A functional endurance workout”, replacing my long run 😉

    As for Boomer – it is clear to all that the real issue is that somehow the bed has shrunk since he was a pup – I’m sure he used to fit in snugly 🙂 #BoommerForPresident #BanTurkeyJerky

    • I think the most important thing is that Boomer thinks he fits in it and that’s all that really matters isn’t it? 🙂
      And I think you definitely earned Karma points for this life and the next one. That is some serious dedication. MacGyver’s friends would Never do that for me. I”m pretty sure of it.LOL

  2. I have 3 days left in my weekend. I unpacked all of my books, took another load of boxes and papers to the recycle center and bought some groceries. Quick target run.

    Where the hell did the day go?

    What kind of carpet cleaner do you have?

    I like that Boomer just fits in that bed.

    • It’s a Bissell that I bought on Clearance at Walmart for 60 bucks like 15 years ago. Best 60 bucks I ever spent. Ever. 🙂 Unpacking my books is a day at least. 😉 Books are my life.

      • I like Bissell. Just found a cheap one vacuum that’s lightweight. Lowe’s also had a carpet cleaner that I plan on picking up. It’s small and lightweight, too. Great for my new apartment-living life :-/!

        I need another bookcase…. Books are my life, too.

        • One of my dreams in life is to retire in a home large enough to have a library room. It doesn;t have to be large. I just want floor to ceiling bookshelves with a floating ladder, one comfy chair with an ottoman, a side table, a lamp, and a comfy blanket. And by that time the thickest reading glasses on the planet. LOL

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