Friday with some random photos from the iPhone

Hey Friday I missed ya.  Glad you’re back.

Here’s a new addition to the gadget family thanks to the kid.

The Apple Watch

An Apple Watch!

And now I have a new stat obsession.  Oh the joy.  Do you know how much fun it is going to be getting back into the groove of things trying to track all of my stats with my Apple Watch, my fitbitHR, my Garmin 620 and my Lumo Run and all of other fun gadgets I have.  I might actually self implode from the excitement.  I love this shit!  I should have been a statistician.  And don’t worry, I’ll post all of the results here too just so y’all can see how they compare and the different benefits and features of each.

Moving on, I believe I mentioned some pictures..


rogue Geese

In Florida , we see Do Not feed the Gators, but in Columbus apparently Geese are an issue. Go figure.

scioto river park

This area around the Scioto River is apparently very popular for runners and walkers as well as dog owners.  Unfortunately it seems that many of the dog owners weren’t very considerate ones because I walked down to the riverfront to shake the hand of a veteran and thank him for his service and I stepped in at least 10 piles of dog poo.  It was everywhere and unfortunately you could not walk on the lawn without walking in dog crap.  Sad.

waterfall in columbus

This was a random waterfall we saw while driving in the car.


A statue of the former governor of Columbus.

A statue of the former governor of Columbus.

architecture of Columbus

The architecture in Columbus is amazing. After living in Florida for so many years the I feel like I took pictures of almost every single building I saw.

Love all the old railroad stations and train depots.

Love all the old railroad stations and train depots.

buidlings and architecture

The kid and I always take pictures of the same types of buildings. 🙂

beautiful building

Love this building.


The Black Conductors Of Columbus

Fall leaves

We don’t have leaves and colors like this in my part of Florida….

yellow flowers

Pretty yellow flowers in the City of Columbus

Fall in Columbus

I love Fall

What are your plans for the weekend?

4 thoughts on “Friday with some random photos from the iPhone

    • The Kid moved here. I was just visiting but it’s already my second visit in 11 weeks so I’m sure I’ll be coming here a lot. 🙂 I love it. And I miss him like crazy. I’ve got the empty nest syndrome!

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