Allergies or Hell fire and Cat farts.

Happy Thursday y’all!

MacGyver and I are slowly but surely getting back into our groove and getting all caught up.  We ended up at the walk-in clinic yesterday for lunch yesterday because MacGyver still has a heck of a cold and my sinuses were on fire because this is pretty much the story of my life…

sinus infection


But the good news is, I don’t have bronchitis anymore, and since I didn’t run at all the entire time that I was in Tennessee and Ohio I feel much better now and I’m running again!  I’ve already run twice this week!  And when I’m not running I look like this…

Running like a boss

Go me, Go me, Let’s Party, Go me, Go me, Let’s Party.  ( Don’t you love how the guy in front looks at the guy in back just to make sure he’s also doing the dance just to make sure he’s not the only one who looks like an idiot and the guy in back is all like ownin’ it like he don’t even care who’s watching.  I like the guy in back.  He’d be my choice of a friend for sure.  Just sayin.)

Anywho, MacGyver and I are now feeling much better and getting back to normal.  Hopefully by next week we’ll be all caught up.  I have some more photos from my trip to share with you tomorrow and I also want to tell you about this really awesome town that I learned about.  Oh and some really interesting running tech things that I’ve been using.  All that will be coming up in the next week.  Also, I’ve got a gift post coming up for the holidays and this year I’m going to do a craft post which a new thing since I’ve never done that before.

I’m also going to do the usual cookie post and some other baking post and I have a few other exciting things too but for today I can’t leave you in suspense any longer I’ve got the best thing ever.  Cat farts.


What kind of pet do you have?

5 thoughts on “Allergies or Hell fire and Cat farts.

  1. That’s hilarious! ‘Big Daddy’ face just freezes. What does the lady say at the end?
    The story in my head is the white cat did it intentionally

  2. Glad you guys are feeling better. Just yesterday I asked my son “do cats fart?” because ours never does, (and he’s a boy!). I’ve owned dogs that could clear a room with their gas and I currently own a female pointer that seriously never farts. Maybe our house is a fart-free zone ?

    • Awe thanks Jade, we are feeling much better. I’ve never had a lot of Cat pets but my dogs fart all the time and I’ve always wondered if Cat’s fart and now I know and by the looks of that cat’s face, they fart pretty good, hehe. 🙂

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