WTF Wednesday Shots fired, Doctors fired, I’m just tired.

“Mom, there are shots being fired outside my window and a swat team is outside.”

That is not something any Mother wants to hear after her son moves hundreds of miles away on a Tuesday night while she’s folding laundry watching New Girl!  Fortunately, the police were able to arrest the man after he fired shots at them when they tried to serve him with an arrest warrant but it was a scary situation.  The kid insists his neighborhood is quite safe and he will not even consider moving until he has saved enough to buy his own home.  Who raised this independent determined creature anyway?

Hurricane Matthew appeared on the scene recently and while he is small, he is also fierce.  He did not appear to be a threat to the West Coast of Florida although I was quite concerned about friends and family on the other coast.  And then this morning MacGyver and I were watching the news and we remembered this little cabin we own….

hurricane matthew

We’re crossing our fingers but that’s about all we can do.

I called my doctor last week to ask for the screening test for Celiac Disease.  Her assistant called me back and said that the doctor said it wasn’t a conclusive test and therefore she didn’t want to put me through any more testing.  Awe, Bless her heart. *Sarcasm people

So I asked her if maybe it would be better to be pre-screened before going to the gastroenterologist to speed up the process since I’ve only been waiting to see a legit gastro for like 6 months now and she said no because the blood test is not really accurate.  I fired her but I’m gonna wait and tell her in her Christmas Card.

Then I ordered the damn test myself.

I went for the test on Monday.  I paid for it myself and it cost a whopping 68 bucks.  As the lab tech drew the blood I was asking general questions about the test and he told me he had celiac disease so we were chatting and then just as he finished he said have you taken any recent medications and I told him that I was taking thyroid medication and Topamax and that I had just finished a round of prednisone and he said ‘Oh no, this test is not going to be accurate.’

Are you freakin kidding

And then he explained to me why and that I may have to wait a while and have it again or have the biopsy while still eating gluten.  Shit.

Tuesday at 11:52 my doctors office called me.  They wanted to let me know that the gastroenterologist that they had referred me to in Venice no longer accepts my insurance and that I need to find a new one and then I can call them and they’ll call in a referral for me.

I know it’s Wednesday and all but WTF?  These people are killing me.

monkey see

I wanna be that monkey.


10 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday Shots fired, Doctors fired, I’m just tired.

  1. Wow, WTF indeed! So frustrating!

    Is the celiac’s testing because of your stomach pain you had awhile ago (that I think I remember you having)?

    Hoping Matthew doesn’t wreck too much havoc. Dropped by the liquor store to pick up boxes for moving (I swear that is the only reason I went. And they weren’t giving them away today) and it was almost as busy as Publix ha

  2. Oh, noooo!! Really?!? Girl, I am so sorry. I know I always tell you this but really you hang in there. I promise you are going to get to the bottom of it. You ARE!! Finding a new doctor sucks but sometimes is necessary as you take your control back. How is the topomax doing w/ your migraines? I hope that is going a little better at least. And hoping the storm fizzles out and no one is affected too badly. Sending hugs from Colorado!

    • The topamax seems to be helping but I’m wondering at what cost. I hate the side effects. But the good news is….I managed somehow, by the Grace of God, to find a new GI doctor in Venice and he was able to fit me in for a consult on the 25th of October, I literally got down on my knees this morning and thanked God! Literally! He knows my breaking point 😉 And thanks for the hugs, needed it 🙂 Feeling much better now but check back after Matthew, hehe

      • Oh, great news. You can make it to the 25th! I know you can do this. I am praying you finally get answers and also that you can stay safe thru this crazy storm.

          • Right! It’s not EVEN close to the same thing but I have been in an ankle brace for a week and have another week until I go to the doctor. So each day I count down. Yesterday, I hit the 1/2 way mark. Sometimes counting down helps. You are strong….you can do this!

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