WTF Wednesday, dreams are killin me

I ran again this morning and I needed to because it’s the only time I am off my ass during the day lately because I’m glued to my chair.  See: working all the time.

I ran 3 miles.  The plan was to walk 3 but I only had time to walk 2, I did walk the dogs for almost 1 though so that counts right?  It should.  I’m counting it anyway because being away from my computer at all is like a godsend right now.

A few months ago I was in my slow season, if you can call it that.  I say slow season because even though work never really slows down all that much for me, the summer is slower for MacGyver, so I get somewhat of a break.  That means that I have a bit of spare time in the evenings when I normally work for him.

So, a few months ago a former client and friend asked me if I would build a simple WordPress template for her.  It was for a business that she wanted to start based on an idea that she had dreamt about.  (And No, I’m not kidding.)  It sounded fairly simple and she’s pretty descriptive so I said sure, no problem, I’m not really busy right now so I’ll throw a quick one together as a favor.  Meaning freebee and I’m stupid.

my friends are so weirdWell now things have changed.  I’m not only busy.  I’m super califragilisticsuperalidoshisasscrazy ass busy.  I’m so far behind… I’m ahead of myself.  I’m that swamped but I finished her template a long time ago actually it was 17 templates ago…


And every single time I showed her a revision she loved it.  For about a hot minute or until she went to sleep.  Because the second that woman had another dream she wanted me to redo it because she insisted that her dreams were giving her new visions.

They’re giving me nightmares!

Yesterday she left me a message and she wants me to go to lunch with her.  I’m up to my eyeballs in projects, I’m working 18 hour days right now.  I’m at my boiling point.  I cannot be roped into a lunch meeting with this woman right now  yet I have this gut feeling that I’ll  have to add another site to my build list today.

I’m almost positive I’ll have to build a Go Fund Me page because if dream catcher throws me another template idea I’ma need some bail money!

WTF?  It must be Wednesday?

3 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, dreams are killin me

  1. Don’t let her takd advantage of you! She’s a former client so she knows how much it costs to build a site.
    Atchison point, I would tell her that while her initial request seemed straight forward enough, her many changes have exceeded your available spare time and you now to focus on your clients. If she can definitively pinpoint what she wants, you can revisit her request. Otherwise you will now have to charge.

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