The morning after

We are in Englewood.  My nephew and his family are here on vacation and they are staying in the Nokomis house so we came to Englewood to help get them set up and make sure they had everything they needed and of course we wanted to see them for a few days.

This is what my side of Florida looks like today.

the morning after

This is the morning after Matthew for us. Of course, we didn’t really get Matthew…

I stopped eating gluten and dairy a few days ago.  I know that it’s impossible to have an accurate test while eating it but I don’t know when the test will happen, so for my own health I decided that in the meantime, I need to do this for myself and I don’t really give a shit about the what anyone else thinks about it.  And you know what else?

Smiling feet


Do you know why?

Because when I went for my walk today, I was able to run for about a mile and a half.  RUN! R. U. N. RUN.  Do you know how good that felt?  Do you even know?  It’ is 3:07PM and I don’t even have a migraine.  I know, it’s a small step, remember when I used to be all like, hey I ran 18 miles today and I’d be pissed at a 10 minute pace.  Yeah, I hardly do either….but I’ll get there soon.  My feet are still smiling.

I’ll see ya’ on Monday.

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