Monday, I miss my Penny, 2.5 miles…..

Good morning from Englewood.  I’m working on a few of my big projects this morning and MacGyver is out on the boat with some of the family.

I was lucky enough to get to spend a lot of my time this weekend with this sweet girl.

Penny Pie Pool

That’s Penny Pie.  She’s my nephew’s little girl but she looks just like my sister when she was little.  They have the same eyes too.  I have never really gotten to hang out with Penny much because she lives in Tennessee and I only get to see her once or twice a year but now that she’s four she’s old enough to sleep over and if you bribe a four year old with a toy trip to the Wal-Mart, they’ll hang out with their crazy Aunt all day long!

Penny and her toys

All kidding aside we had a blast

Since I’ve got a ton of work to do today MacGyver is picking up the tour duty and taking the family fishing.  They came in this morning and said that they had seen a body lying in the road this morning and that it was really sad to see especially since the sanitation workers that hit the guy were taking pictures of the body, assholes.   I certainly hope they don’t post those pictures in any public forums.

Oh, before I go I also wanted to tell you that I did not run again on Sunday, I did walk five miles but I did not want to push it so I only walked.  HOWEVER, I walked 2.5 miles this morning and I ran the two and half miles back.  YES I DID!  So, that’s the plan for now.  Every other day.  Just a little running until I feel like I can do more or until it gives me a migraine and I have to scale back.  One day at a time.

AND, I a runner actually came up and introduced herself on Saturday.  She was looking for a training partner.  Even though I don’t live here all the time I hope she contacts me because we were talking about how it’s safer to run with someone else and I definitely would feel safer running with someone else since I don’t know that many people down here.  And also because if you read this entire post or you read this blog at all then you may know our roads here are hella dangerous.

Anyway, I hope you have an awesome Monday, as far as Mondays go anyway.  I need to get back to work.

Tell me about your weekend.  If it’s not exciting, then for God’s sake lie!

7 thoughts on “Monday, I miss my Penny, 2.5 miles…..

  1. This is the best news ever! You are doing it and feeling great. I am so happy for you and proud of you for being strong! You got this, girl. Keep it the awesome work.

  2. Wow 2.5 miles running I’m so happy for you! My weekend, I had a nice long run AND then (you said lie) we went to an exotic island, danced the night away, I had cocktails and my body could handle it! AND I looked so sexy in my tight jeans! (I WISH). The long run is true…..

  3. Hey, does your blog have some new things on it? (widgets) Or maybe I read your blog on my phone too much and never see the full browser version! Anyhow, it’s all good!
    I’m happy to hear the report of you walking and starting to run a bit. Fingers crossed something great is headed your way!

    • Awe, thank you soooo much! There is one newish widget, a top 50 women’s running blog you should be reading or something like that but I’m not one to brag or anything, *blushing 😉 hehe

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