It’s Friday and National Chocolate Day

Happy National Chocolate Day!  Yes, it really is.

National Chocolate Day

I’ve been indulging in Reeses mini peanut butter cups because I’m a fool and I read they were gluten free but then I read I was eating the wrong ones so I’m not going to be recommending any chocolate to you.  Use your own judgement on that one.

Moving on.

Yesterday MacGyver and I spent some quality time at the accountant’s office getting our quarterly taxes done.  It was a blast.

Time with the accountant

Our accountant has a young granddaughter whom he raises and she’s really adorable and usually we don’t see her but she was out of school yesterday and happened to be in the office.  She’s five and was playing video games in the back of the building when we came in and the accountant was helping her set up the program.  The poor thing was coughing uncontrollably.

After a few minutes our accountant came up to meet us and we went over to his desk and then a few seconds later his granddaughter came bouncing in and said the computer froze.  So the accountant said, ‘Oh, I’ll go fix it, sit down and chat with the nice people honey’ and then she sat down and proceeded to cough in our faces for the next 10 minutes WITHOUT COVERING HER FACE!!!


This was the gist of the meeting off and on for the next hour or so. It was torture.

When MacGyver and I finished and got out to the car we fought over the anti bacterial hand lotion I found in the glove compartment that had been in there for over 3 years.  Neither of us cared that it smelled like rotten apples or had mold growing around the lid.  Dammit it was going to protect us from kid germs!

That's right!

The next few days will be tense for sure…

It’s a good thing it’s National Chocolate Day, I need some comfort food.

Happy Friday!

What are your plans for the weekend?

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