Halloween 2016, the Theme

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenie!


Hank wanted to dress up as a muddin weenie but we aren’t going to the cabin so we had to go with another costume instead but I promised him I’d use the picture.  (At least that’s how all of this went down in my head).

In reality Mom and I went shopping this weekend and bought costumes for all three dogs Hank, Boomer, and her dog Shakespeare.  She couldn’t find anything she really liked for her dog and since she had already gotten him a Police Dog shirt in New York a few months ago she decided he should be a cop and then somehow I got it in my head that we had to have a theme.  Because it’s Halloween and what’s Halloween without a theme?  Hello?

And so the quest began.

What goes with a cop dog, more importantly, what goes with Shakespeare Dee Oh Gee N.Y.P.D.


First I decided that if Shakespeare was a cop then Boomer Should be a criminal but prisoner uniforms are hard to come by last minute and for a large lab it’s nearly impossible.  So we thought maybe we could find a prisoner costume for Hank but that didn’t work out either because we couldn’t find anything in his size.

We finally realized that Hank had a sheriff hat so we decided to stick with the original plan and let Hank be a sheriff, Shakespeare a cop, and Boomer could be a grumpy old man since he already had the costume but I wasn’t all that excited about it.

And then I went to Pet Supplies Plus to get breath treats for the dogs.  And they had a sale.  On dog costumes.  And while they didn’t have prisoner costumes for Boomer they did have a cute cow one and they did have the perfect costume for Hank to compliment Shakespeare’s cop costume.

Hanky the donut

Hanky Bag-o Donuts!

And Boomer is a cow but I’m not sure he likes it although he did rip the costume off the coffee table first thing this morning and bring it to me so apparently he wanted to get dressed up.

Boomer the cow

Let’s Mooooooooooooooooooove it!  I like to moooove it moooove it.  Hehe, you like my Cow humor!

Did I mention, Boomer is a funny guy?  He is.

How cute are these guys?

3 dogs in costumes

Well, apart from the fact that they are all three trying to find a spot to pee.

I dressed up like Shalane Flanagan this morning and ran 5 and a half miles during which time the kid texted me.

text from kid

Of course I was out running and maybe doing a little of this which is why I hit the wrong letter when I meant to reply, am I?

pokemon go

Fortunately, the kid gets me.

Also, for all you Dr. Who fans, I saw the greatest thing yesterday and I had to take a quick picture so I could share it with you.  If you don’t already have this you need it or maybe you don’t but I do.


I’m putting it on my wish list for Christmas.

And with that, I’m off.  I’ve got to change out of my first costume and into my second one.  I’m going to be a human pin cushion for some blood work.  I wish I could skip to the third costume but unfortunately I still need to get those blood test…..and since I need them I couldn’t think of a better day to have them than Halloween.  I sure hope the Phlebotomist dresses up like a vampire.  At least that will be more interesting.  Am I right?


Happy Halloween Witches!

Are you trickin or treatin?

Do you dress up your dogs? 

4 thoughts on “Halloween 2016, the Theme

  1. Hank’s costume paired with Shakespeare’s is pretty funny. Boomer’s is fun, too! Next year dress Boomer as a Tardis LOL

    Doing nothing tonight. Oh…the hotel has happy hours M-W so I might dip in for a bit. Fill out an application for an apartment (ugh. I miss my house 🙁 )

    I’ve dressed up most years when I lived in FL.

    Hope the blood draw goes smoothly!

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