WTF Wednesday the good the bad and the ugly

Well, the good news is, I got the Topamax and the bad news is, I got the Topamax because folks, the long and short of it is, I just don’t do well with medications.

Here’s the ugly truth.

The doctor said to start out very slowly by taking two pills at night which is exactly what I did.  When I woke up on Tuesday morning I barely made it to the bathroom because I was hella groggy and extremely thirsty but the worst part was after I finally got dressed I seriously forgot how to tie my shoes, SERIOUSLY!


I rallied though because I’m determined like that and I was hell bent on getting in a decent walk and I hit up the trail for a solid five.

I didn’t make it.

After only a few miles I wanted to lay down and take a nap.  I started scoping out areas to lay down and looking for things I could use for pillows and blankets but I made myself keep going.

I only managed to walk four miles and I am pretty sure I was asleep for the last mile and a half because if I remember correctly Elvis died a long time ago and there is no way he was walking down that trail with me even though yesterday I would have sworn to you he was right there with me.


The good thing is that once I got back home I was pretty well rested so I just kept going and got some things done around the house and somehow I ended up with over 36,000 steps on my fitbit, how the hell did that even happen? Is this my life?

WTF?  Is it even Wednesday?  Stay tuned til tomorrow when we will return this blog to it’s regular posted content….hopefully

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday the good the bad and the ugly

  1. Oh, shoot. That really bites. Wonder if maybe you just need to adjust?!? I hope so. Is it helping your headaches so far? Hang in there!!

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