Friday, breast pumping through a marathon.

It’s Friday and you know what that means….fun facts and Photos from my iPhone.   Actually, it doesn’t always mean that, I just made it up but I’m allowed to because it’s my stinkin blog.

First thing, holy tough momma.  Did you see this article?

breast pumping during a marathonI had to do a double take because how in the hell do you do that?  No, really.  I mean, I hate it when I have to adjust my earbuds or my hydration belt when I’m running and this one time, my visor broke and it totally threw me off.  I can’t even imagine pumping my breast while running.  All I can think of is spills.  Seriously.  This momma won my internet this week.

Y’all know I’ve had some stomach issues and if you’re new here you may not know that the last time I went to the gastro doc she barely listened to me, never read my history and then gave me some pills that could have possibly killed me and shooed me out the door.  That wasn’t the worst part though, the worst part is when they ask you about your bowel habits.  That’s why I’ve ordered this shirt for my next appointment.

poop shirt

I think it will be sufficient and save me some serious time.

On second thought, I better order one that says I did not poop today just in case. What do you think?

MacGyver and I had to take the dogs to get their rabbies vaccines and their tags.  It’s a yearly chore unless you take them to the local animal shelter and they offer a 3 year vaccine and tags.  It saves us money and keeps us from having to go every year.  The problem is, they only give the vaccines on Thursdays from 1-4 so every dog and dog owner in town who knows about it is in the parking lot at 12:45.

We were there too until I found out about the mobile vet the county offers.  Coolest thing ever.  They give the three year vaccinations every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at random locations throughout the County.  We went this morning and I am so glad that’s over.  Now I can move on to more important things like Halloween costumes.

Boomer is planning on being a Grumpy Old Man.

Grumpy old man costume

He already has the hat

Hank is planning on being Sheriff of Dog Town because he pretty much already is.


Do you really question who’s in charge? Pshhhhh, peons!

Charles T. Peacock has a lot of friends.  Now they are my friends.  And they are always hungry.

peacocksAn I am always feeding them…

And I don’t live on a farm but how cute is it that the ducks come swimming up as soon as I call them for dinner.


Here ducky, ducky, ducky

You know who else comes right up and eats out of my hand?  The turtles.  They insisted on making  a blog appearance.  They’re getting to be such diva’s.

slider turtles

And before I go I thought I should mention one thing.  I was trying to clean some janky shit off my stove last night that somehow managed to get on there when I was cooking quesadillas.  I tried that fancy ceramic stove cleaner that cost me twelve bucks, I tried glass cleaner, dish soap and pretty much every other cleaning product under my sink.  (That’s a lot of cleaners, trust me.)  Do you know what finally worked?

a miracle in a can

Bar Keeper’s Friend, the same one that sells for like a buck fifty at the Wal-mart.  As God is my witness I do believe that shit is made from rainbows and Unicorn dust.  It’s a miracle cleaner.

And that’s it.. that’s all I got.  Have a great weekend y’all!

Have you gotten a Halloween costume yet?

Do you dress up?

Do you dress up your pets?  (Please remember that I do so don’t get judgy)

4 thoughts on “Friday, breast pumping through a marathon.

  1. Wow….I can’t believe she was able to do that. Kudos to her. After my good friend had her daughters and came back to work she would set aside time each day to go pump in the rooms provided at HPE. She would always come by my office and I would go w/ her so it would be our “catch up” time. And I thought that was good multi tasking. I will have to show her this article. I love how you dress up the pups! We are always out at a Halloween party so we spare Macy (our red lab) having to put on a costume. But, she’s so goofy, she would probably love it!

      • Yes, I love all dogs…I mean, how can you not?!? But labs, well, we have had Cuervo our yellow lab (who was literally Rick’s best friend) and now we have Macy our red lab who healed our hearts and brings SO many laughs to us each day. She is the best. Like you said, want to go workout at 5 am..she’s there. Want to be totally lazy all day Sunday and watch football..she’s there. Best companion ever.

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