Enough is enough, I’m taking the control back

So the Topamax was too strong.  Way too strong.  That’s why the very next time I took it I went down to one pill and that’s where I’ve been ever since.  I just can’t see going to two pills yet.  I was nowhere near ready and I don’t think I will be for a while, if ever.  Believe it or not the doctor actually wants me to take 4 of them, FOUR.  In a day!  Not happening.  NOT.

a cup of nope

The thing is, I hate sounding negative and I hate the way that it slows down my brain.  It makes time feel like it’s going backwards.  It confuses me, it fatigues me, it frustrates me, but mostly I feel like it’s not a long term solution and I’d much rather have a solution than a quick fix.

It's Temporary

Besides, this all came on so quickly.  I mean, I’ve had migraines my whole life but never so frequently and never so intense.  They just got worse over time and along with some other symptoms.  I truly feel like if we could get to the bottom of this I could live with the occasional migraine rather than take these powerful drugs and this is what bugs me the most.

I was thinking about it all this yesterday when I was out on my morning walk and that’s when I made a decision.  I got back home and called my primary care doctor and I told her that I was not going to wait any longer for a GI doctor to fit me in here in Clearwater and that I thought she would have better results getting me in quicker and I expected her to do just that.  This morning her assistant called me and let me know that she had sent a referral over to the G.I doctor down in Venice and that if they did not call me by Tuesday then I should call them.


I have already set an alarm on my phone for noon on Tuesday and if I don’t hear from you by then Dr. D, I’ll be calling your ass….

I also went through every single one of my medical records going back 25 years and guess what?  I have never been tested for celiac disease, ever.  So I asked the doctor’s assistant if she could also ask the doctor if she could just go ahead and call the lab and order the blood test for celiac disease.  I mean it’s a simple blood test right?  I read all about it on the celiac websites.  It’s a first step and at least I could be proactive while I’m waiting for the GI doctor and still consuming gluten right? I mean I’ve only been waiting for 3 months already.  Three. Months.

what?  NO

No, see, they would rather me linger here in pain because it’s not procedure to just call in a blood test without an office visit and since they’re sending me to a G.I. doctor for a referral I’ll just have to wait….

I hate waiting

Hmmmmm, I’ve got a bill from the imaging center for over 7,000 dollars for MRI’s the doctors ordered and the insurance company approved.  They weren’t conclusive enough for a diagnosis yet the doctor ordered them and the insurance company approved them but now won’t pay for them.  I can order the screening test myself from an independent lab for around 160 bucks.   I think we all know what my next move should be.  If the doctor doesn’t call in that damn test today, I’m going to do it myself on Monday.  It’s time to take my life back.

Y’all have a great weekend.  I’m gonna eat all the damn gluten I can because come Monday I’m gettin that test and it may or may not be my answer but at least it gets me one step closer.

Do you find it insane that in America one can have health insurance and find it easier to pay out of pocket?

On a scale of 1-10 how happy are you with your health care?

Do you or anyone you know suffer from Celiac Disease?

WTF Wednesday the good the bad and the ugly

Well, the good news is, I got the Topamax and the bad news is, I got the Topamax because folks, the long and short of it is, I just don’t do well with medications.

Here’s the ugly truth.

The doctor said to start out very slowly by taking two pills at night which is exactly what I did.  When I woke up on Tuesday morning I barely made it to the bathroom because I was hella groggy and extremely thirsty but the worst part was after I finally got dressed I seriously forgot how to tie my shoes, SERIOUSLY!


I rallied though because I’m determined like that and I was hell bent on getting in a decent walk and I hit up the trail for a solid five.

I didn’t make it.

After only a few miles I wanted to lay down and take a nap.  I started scoping out areas to lay down and looking for things I could use for pillows and blankets but I made myself keep going.

I only managed to walk four miles and I am pretty sure I was asleep for the last mile and a half because if I remember correctly Elvis died a long time ago and there is no way he was walking down that trail with me even though yesterday I would have sworn to you he was right there with me.


The good thing is that once I got back home I was pretty well rested so I just kept going and got some things done around the house and somehow I ended up with over 36,000 steps on my fitbit, how the hell did that even happen? Is this my life?

WTF?  Is it even Wednesday?  Stay tuned til tomorrow when we will return this blog to it’s regular posted content….hopefully

Super human steroid stupid strength

Happy Monday friends.  We’re down in Nokomis because I’m seeing the neurologist today.  I’ve finished my run of steroids and I have to see him before starting the Topamax.  I’m hoping he still gives it to me because at first the office said he was and then they said he wasn’t and then they said, ‘after you finish the dose of steroids and then come into the office’.  I am so sick of listening to doctors.  I might be better off doing the opposite of what they say….

Doctors suck

Despite the fact that I had terrible insomnia steroids definitely gave me a lot of energy.  I tackled a ton of projects.

First, I was finally able to finish something I’ve been wanting to finish since I bought it weeks ago.  MacGyver and I had gone to an estate sale and I found an old cabinet in the garage.  It was in really bad shape but it had good bones so I offered them 5 bucks and they took it.  When I brought it home it looked like this:


MacGyver wanted to rip the front door off and all of the sides and just refinish the top but I was having none of that because let me tell you something people, I have dreams and I had a vision.

And my vision is now a kitchen island for the Nokomis house and it looks like this:


This is the front, I painted it with chalk paint in ‘celery’ and then I refinished the hardware with a bronze hammered paint.

side of island

This is one side. I wanted a rack to hang a dish towel so I bought a cheap little stainless steel one and painted it with a bronze hammered paint.

butcher block island

And I have to give him credit because MacGyver did one hell of a job on the butcher block top.

The inside was tricky because I wanted to store bowls and plates and such and just painting it white wasn’t giving me the look I wanted.  Luckily I had this stick on shelf paper I bought at the dollar tree a year ago.

inside of the island

Voila! The inside is complete.

The other project I really wanted to tackle was some lawn work and that required purchasing a shit ton of retaining wall blocks and them placing them.  I was able to lift and place those suckers like a boss.  Clearly I overestimated the thickness of my skin because this is what my legs look like currently:


Nice big bruises.

What?  You don’t think that looks too bad?  How bout this?

my legs


I also finished a crap load of work projects and dove into several more that I’ve been meaning to start, but the best part about a week of steroids is that I not only maintained my workouts, I killed em.

I  walked 35 miles last week, five miles every day.  I didn’t overdo it and even though I still get the migraines, I got my walks in and that felt pretty good.  I also got in the most amount of steps I’ve gotten in a while at 138,900+ and lastly, I did a weight routine five out of seven days last week.  Go Steroids Me.


Fitbit this!

All kidding aside, I’m really hoping the new prescription helps with the migraines because I have every bit of faith that without headaches I will be able to do all of that and more.   Of course, ultimately, I’d really like to know what is wrong with me and then get that fixed but hey, baby steps, am I right?

Tell me about your week.

Did you get all your workouts in?

What did you do this weekend?