WTF Wednesday, my car tried to kill me.

Yesterday I was driving over to Englewood to hang out with the family when the steering wheel on my car suddenly froze.  As in seized up.  As in it didn’t freakin move.

Oh My God

Yes Mr. White, that’s exactly what I said and I also said @##%#.

I did not crash however, I had a few close calls because for the brief moment that my steering wheel was frozen I was in the process of merging lanes.

I used every ounce of strength I had and finally the son of a bitch eased up a teeny bit and I was able to complete the merge.  The rest of the trip I stayed in the same lane and when I had to turn I just used all my strength and did the best I could.  It wasn’t my best driving but I got to my destination safely.  Thankfully.

During the ordeal, (as I was driving down a straightaway), I phoned MacGyver to let him know what had happened.

Me:  I’m on the way there but the steering wheel froze and I cannot turn it.

MacGyver:  What?  The steering wheel froze?

Me:  Yes, as in, it wouldn’t move but now it does but just barely.  By the time I get there I will be ripped because I’m using every damn muscle I have to move it just an inch or two.

MacGyver:  It could be the electronics or a belt, if you’re not too far from the house just turn around and go home.

Are you kidding me?

Me:  Turn around?  Really?  Because that would involve the act of turning which I just told you I CAN’T DO!

I’ll spare you the rest of that conversation because I’m really trying to cut down on my swearing or writing about my swearing.  The point is, I made it to where I was going.

Anyway, we called Ford and apparently there was a safety recall and guess who’s vehicle was on that list?

Yep, mine.

Thank God I didn’t let MacGyver try and fix the darn thing.  The part is crazy expensive and it’s a free repair.  I just had to do a little googling to find out the information.  So tomorrow I’ve got to drop my car off at the dealership in Clearwater and they’re going to repair it, FOR FREE!

And now for the dilemma, I have to get it there.

WTF, it must be Wednesday and I’m still alive, so there’s something.

Ever had a recall on your vehicle?

Have you ever had an accident or near accident due to faulty equipment on your vehicle?

6 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, my car tried to kill me.

  1. OMG, that would be so scary! Didn’t the car company tell you there was a recall? It seems like every day you hear of a recall–for like major things that can go wrong. Um, I really don’t want car makers to be slacking on what they should be doing. Geez!

    • Apparently the recall is some sort of safety recall and I’m not sure what they call it but it was ‘suggested’ that if you experienced problems you should bring the car in but I never heard about it or experienced any issues until it froze. When I googled the issue I found out about the recall and also that it had only happened recently even though people had been having problems for years. If I would have had an accident, I would have been so beyond pissed.

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