WTF Wednesday, I got sick trying to heal.

wtf wed sick

If you practice adulting at all whatsoever then you are probably somewhat familiar with how health insurance works.  And according to the IRS and our government, most of us should have some type of insurance in place whether we acquired it through our employer, privately, or the controversial obamacare.

As a self employed individual my previous health insurance was sub par at best according to my government, so I had to choose an obamacare plan.

affordable healthcare, yeah okay

I pay a premium fee each month so that I can have a low deductible and that deductible is $900 out of pocket yearly.  Remember that, it will be important down the road.

Several months ago my occasional migraines became a weekly occurrence, typically right after long runs so I cut those down, but the headaches continued to increase in frequency and currently they are happening almost daily.

pain is real

I had an MRI of my brain and it showed some white matter lesions which I’ve had for about 8 years.  There were no new lesions of any significance though and that meant there was no diagnosis.  Back to the drawing board.

Then came some additional pain, this time in my neck and low back with some weakness in my right arm and left leg.  After what seemed like months, (because IT WAS), my doctor got me in to see a neurologist and he ordered four additional MRI’s and tests.  I’m pretty sure the lab took out half of my blood and I thought for sure they would find out what was going on.  xyz4ze

If I didn’t feel bad enough already I had to pay a co-payment for each and every one of those MRI’s which by my calculations is more than the insurance company has paid for their portion.

insurance sucks

I’m a stickler for making sure things are paid because I don’t want any surprises later down the road so I check the claims every few days to make sure they’re paid.  I also have to get approval for each and every test I have outside of my regular doctors office or else they wont pay the bill. Calling to expedite the pre approval process and then to schedule the test is a part time job in and of itself.

The imaging center I originally chose for my MRI’s was on their covered providers list and I got pre-approval and went in.  The MRI center recently changed their name as they were purchased by a huge conglomerate so the last four MRI’s have not been paid and there are thousands of dollars in fees on my statement that are in dispute.  According to the insurance company the MRI lab is now an out of pocket provider.  So, I spent two hours explaining a simple name change to the insurance company this morning but so far they are still declining to pay the bill.

out of moneyThis morning the hospital called and reminded me that I have an EEG scheduled for Friday and that my co payment is only 260 dollars.  She then cheerfully added that I’m almost to my max out of pocket, only 200 dollars to go before insurance will pay 100%.

Insurance companies have their own math.  By my calculations, I’ve paid out of pocket over 1700 dollars and that’s IF they pay their portion of the four MRI’s, bastards.

To say I’m frustrated would be like saying the Eiffel tower is sort of tall.  I’m stupid pissed.  Walter White pissed.

Walter WhiteAll of this is making me ill.


Most accurate meme ever.

WTF it’s Wednesday and my insurance is making me sick!

8 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, I got sick trying to heal.

  1. What a nightmare! People can criticise the UK’s NHS all they like, but at least when I’m sick I don’t have the added worry of working out whether my treatments are paid for or if not how I can pay for them.

    I hope your insurance and your migraines are resolved soon.

  2. …..and I thought it was only in South Africa where health insurance is a pain in the a@#!! All the best, hope everthing gets sorted.

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