WTF Wednesday, Flying poo

Yesterday I decided to go ahead and cut the grass after work, not that it really needed it, it’s just that it’s supposed to rain for several days and I wanted to get it done before it gets too tall and I get rained out.  The grass wasn’t particularly high except in the dog’s pen which makes sense because it’s full of fertilizer, hehe fertilizer, get it .

Anyway, I have a piece of advice for you.  Check the area that you’re trimming with the weedeater carefully because if you happen to run the weedeater over a pile of dog poo it will get caught in the string and fling up all over the place and possibly land on you and in your clothes and it can even get stuck in your hair.  I mean, possibly.

I wouldn’t know for sure because I’m too smart not to look for dog shit before weedeating but it could happen.  In fact I’d probably bet the house on it.

I love Winnie the Pooh

I’ll be back tomorrow, I’m washing my hair.

WTF?  It must be Wednesday!

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