Tangela Bassett

Our weekend was crazy busy with work stuff.  Regular work, work around the house, and working in the yard.   So much work.

work work work made up words

Does anyone really know the words to that song?

On Saturday I got up early and walked six miles through the park.  It was nice and it didn’t feel too hot which is funny because later in the day it was miserable and that’s why the kid and I decided to go to the mall.  It was while I was at the mall that I discovered I could satisfy two addictions at one time.

Pokemon Go mall

Do you have any idea how many poke stops you can find at the mall?  It’s crazy.  You’ll also find a lot more pokemon because people use lures at the food court.  It was awesome, I ate chick-fil-A and captured a few pokemon, even some that I had never caught before which made it a pretty good day.  Plus I scored a new running tank.


Later in the day on Saturday MacGyver and I decided to clean out our pond and restock it with some new goldfish.  It looks amazing and our entire backyard is turning into a little oasis.  MacGyver and I have been spending a lot of time out there and if it weren’t for the damn mosquitoes I’m sure we’d be out there even more.

After we finished with the pond MacGyver and I decided to use Ina Garten’s meatloaf recipe and cook dinner.

Ina mess up

You’re right Ina I won’t because it.

She only makes iit look easy because it never is, never.  Thankfully MacGyver took over and the dinner was delicious.  After I finished cleaning the dishes the kid and I went for a quick walk.  We decided just to do a one mile loop because we both had things to do.  We walked down to the park and as soon as we turned around to head home two kids put a lure out at the poke stop in the park.

oh shit

There were many pokemon to be captured.  We were just going to play for a few seconds but before we knew it MacGyver drove up on his bicycle.  He had gotten worried after we were gone for over 45 minutes.  OOOOPS.  I’m obviously addicted.  Send help, but don’t.  I’m fine with it.  I can handle it.

Sunday morning I decided to get out early and get another 6 miles in which brought my total for the week to 37.  I’d rather they were running miles but miles are miles, right?  Besides I made it to level 17 in Pokemon Go so that made me pretty happy.  I also caught a Tangela which I tried to rename Tangela Bassett but apparently there’s a limit on the amount of characters, damn it.  Oh well, I was still able to change Drowzee to Jayzee so I’ll count that as a partial win but I’m still pissed over the Tangela.

Wrapping up the weekend last night I totaled up my fitbit steps for the week and I must say I was thrilled to see that I was over 160,000!  I’m pretty sure that’s one of my highest weeks ever so even though I’m not running I’m still getting those steps in.  And if I can do it, so can you.  You might find it easier if you download Pokemon Go….just sayin.

How was your weekend?

Have you ever played Pokemon Go at the mall?

Did Pokemon Go make you login with your google account recently?  It did for me and I had to do it or I couldn’t play.  I guess MacGyver is right, Pokemon Go is big brother in disguise.

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