Thursday from Cleveland, Tennessee not Ohio

The first leg of our trip is over and it only took 12 hours.  The actual time it should have taken us was 10 hours but my bladder is the size of a pin head so there’s that.

Anywho, today is the second leg and we will end up in Columbus sometime late in the afternoon.  Right now we are at my Mother’s house in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Here are a few pictures from the first leg of the tour and some lessons I learned.


The rest areas in Florida are hella scary!


If you drive a moving truck along the interstate you must stop at every damn weigh station along the way.

On a side note, if you look incredibly innocent, you will be searched.


Atlanta does have a hell of a skyline.  I’d love to see it by foot because I have come to realize that I prefer my legs as a mode of transportation above all else.  Period.


No matter what time or how tired you are, you always perk up when you roll through your home state.

And when you’re exhausted an worried about your kid and questioning life in general, things like this appear out of nowhere and you realize you always have a friend.


And the most important thing I learned during this trip is that if you plan on listening to music and you don’t entirely love the Lumineers with all your heart, then maybe you might want to listen to a podcast instead.


Because ear worms happen.

O OH Phelia, you’ve been on  my mind girl since the flood….

Make it stop.

It’s 6AM and time to hit the road.

When is the last time you took a road trip and where did you go?

WTF Wednesday, ROAD TRIP!

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes yesterday.  I had an amazing day and I was lucky enough to share it with my nephew so we could celebrate our birthdays together.


The birthday peeps

Happy Birthday to Us!

And because this picture is adorable here is one of me and my God daughter.

and yes, I probably was playing Pokemon Go, don't judge!

and yes, I probably was playing Pokemon Go, don’t judge!

And now, a riddle of sorts.

What’s the 15th largest city in the U.S.?

What city has the number 1 zoo in the U.S.?

Where is the Franklin Park Conservatory?

Who has the number 1 science center in the Country?

What do you do when you’ve raised a stubborn, independent thinking, strong willed child who insists on carving their own path in life?  (Sound familiar, Mom?)  What do you do when your child gets a really good job in another city 1,000 miles away?

You take a road trip and help him move because WTF, it’s Wednesday and my kid is gonna take this new city by storm!

road tripDo any of you live in Columbus?

Have you ever been to Columbus?

Any suggestions on where to run?  Anyone want to run with me in Columbus?   



123, Happy Birfday to me!

In case you’re wondering how I’m feeling today, it’s sort of like this,


I’m pretty sure my nephew feels the same way because it’s his birthday too.  Happy birthday Vinny!  🙂

MacGyver is taking me to do a little shopping.  He’s already given me a few gifts which I’ll share with you later but he’s taking me to pick out some more because, well let’s face it, I deserve more.

my birthday


This year I broke down and bought myself a practical gift.  I always have a hard time finding the right buttons on the remote control and since the TV in our bedroom at the Nokomis house doesn’t have a remote, I bought myself a Universal one.


I thought it said I’m Hip but the Kid said it really said I need a hip.

If you have any doubt at how large that remote control is, let me put it into context for you.  It is laying upon my oversized King bed.

remote control

Sort of looks like an iPad doesn’t it?  Except it’s a lot bigger.

You see, that’s what happens when you get old.

i'm old

Yeah, all that good stuff happens too.

But while I still feel young, I intend to act like it.


Happy Birthday

Aren’t birthdays just the best?

When is your birthday, what’s your sign and do you prefer cake, cookie, or cupcakes?