I can’t stand the rain…..

Good morning.

I’m sitting here all by myself in the living room listening to the rain fall all around me and checking the weather report every 2 minutes.  Despite a brief respite yesterday, late in the afternoon into early evening, it’s been raining for what seems like forever.  No one wants to go out, not even the dogs.

raining fish

Fortunately I have a treadmill so I can get some morning exercise and get myself moving but if I don’t exactly love the treadmill, kids hate it.  Did I mention that my niece and nephew are here?  Well, they’ve been down south in Englewood for a few weeks and we’ve been so busy that we haven’t had time to head down so my sister-in-law was sweet enough to drive up here so we could all hang, out and then, rain.


Yeah, that doesn’t look so good….

When it rains for days and you have kids in the house, particularly kids on summer break as well as summer vacation, you have to get creative.  MacGyver took my nephew out to the garage and they rummaged around until they found some parts interesting enough to construct a robot.

Robot building


Number five alive! Name the movie.

My sister-in-law and I took my niece shopping but even shopping gets boring after a while, (or you run out of money) and since we had already made a bazillion pieces of jewelry, we had to really put on our thinking caps.

One of the things you can do when it’s raining outside is to turn your coffee table into a coffin table.

coffin table

Of course after a few days of rain everyone eventually runs out of ideas and patience but, like I said, last night we had a little break and somehow we managed to walk the dogs, take a little walk over to the peacock farm, and then circle around the park for a quick one mile walk.  My nephew and I also managed to capture a few pokemon and restock our balls.  Poke balls people, Poke balls!

Trust me though, even the peacocks are going stir crazy.

Peacock and mirror

Do you come here often?

I woke up this morning hoping I could avoid the treadmill but then I heard the rain move in and so  I checked the hour by hour forecast.

hour by hour

It’s going to be a very, very long day.

What do you do to entertain your kids when it’s raining?  I need ideas.
Do you go to the treadmill when it’s raining outside?

4 thoughts on “I can’t stand the rain…..

  1. It is all about the pokeballs around here too. Been monsooning off & on here the last couple of days, and during each break my son begs to go for a walk and catch em all. This is awesome since getting him off the computer was not easy this long hot summer before PokemonGo. Personally I love the rain & walking in it – hate waiting for the lightening storms to pass tho.

    • Yes to that, I like the rain by itself but with the lightning I’d rather be safe..and lately the lightning around here has been coming out of nowhere. Scary stuff! Hopefully later in the week it will let up. *crossing fingers*

  2. Oh man, I feel your pain….we’ve had rain every single day here since July 1. Basically I just make a raincoat out of a garbage bag and go run in it. For the kids I’d do card games or old games like Monopoly, or Hungry Hippo or even Twister. If you have stairs get them Slinkys. Your niece in the coffee table coffin made me think of the movie ‘Buried’, have you seen it? It’s horrifying and still gives me nightmares!

    • That’s a long time to have rain every day! I think I would just die. We get a lot of it but usually only for an hour or so, this all day crap is for the birds, hehe.

      I haven’t seen the movie ‘Buried’ but now I’m gonna have to! 🙂

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