Friday with photos from my iPhone

It’s Friday and time to get random with some photos from the iPhone.

Let’s start with my favorites from the week.  These are great and most were taken by my nephew.


This is a pidgey that appeared in my car and my nephew took a quick photo and then captured it.

Check out this Pidgeotto that both of us were trying to capture while sitting in the parking lot of TJMaxx.

Pokemon pics

And there’s this one in which my nephew asked me to pose and so I did and it’s not obvious at all….

“Oh my, it’s a Venonat!’

pokemon pose

And this one is my favorite of all.  And not because of JigglyPuff but because my nephew turned me into jigglypuff.


And I also want to share with you Boomer’s very first selfie.

How's the angle?

How’s the angle?

And how I sneak Hank into just about anywhere I feel like taking him.


Hank in bag

What dog?

This is my niece and the glasses I bought her 3 years ago and forgot about until this week.

Glasses or a straw?  Or both?

Glasses or a straw? Or both?

If you ever come down to Nokomis, Florida and you need to get your car washed, no problem, just do it while your at the liquor store.  We multi task like a boss around here.

cars and liquor

Yes, it’s a car wash and liquor store all in one!

Here’s a great shot of the trail I run on in Venice, Florida.

the Venetian trail

And here’s a picture of my running trail in Clearwater.

Ream Wilson Trail

And that’s it.

Tell me about one random photo on your phone.

2 thoughts on “Friday with photos from my iPhone

  1. I’ve got a photo where my Jack Russell, small mixed breed dog and Great Dane try to sit on my lap! The great Dane thinks he’s smaller than the jack Russell.

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