Friday, Photos from my i-Phone

Happy Friday.

Yesterday I fed all the critters and then got down to work.  Two hours later I heard a commotion on the lanai.  Realizing the dogs had gone out there I decided to check it out.  That’s when I saw the squirrel hanging from the window screen.

squirrel hanging on screen

It took a while but I got the dogs out into the yard and tried to corral the squirrel out the other door.  That son of a bitch reared back on his hind legs and tried punching me!  He went all squirrel/kangaroo hybrid on me.

I finally got him out but then I caught him coming back in through the doggie door two more times that day.

Suit up lady!

Suit up lady!

Gah! Why are the animals around my house so strange?

Peking duck

Speak for yourself, I am not strange at all!  And yes, I’m judging you.

I'll just be over here on squirrel patrol

I’ll just be over here on squirrel patrol

Boomer lab

And I’ll be over here testing out the pillows. So far, so good. I’ll keep you posted.

soft shell turtle

I’m still feeding…

And they’re always hungry around here.

The turtle brigade

The turtle brigade at feeding time.

With so many animals it’s sometimes hard to remember them all but I do my best.  And the dogs will always remind me.

HANK AND Charles

Hey! Are you gonna feed the peacock?


Well, Hank will remind me.  Boomer tends to live in his own little world.

boomer ball

I seem to have lost my ball. Has anyone seen my ball?

Have a great weekend y’all!

What kinds of animals are in your yard?

2 thoughts on “Friday, Photos from my i-Phone

  1. I love Hank and Boomer <3 In my yard is my dog, sometimes my cat (but he really prefers to stay indoors), TONS of crazy squirrels like yours that LOVE to torment my dog, lots of deer, and many birds including a mourning dove that has decided to call my roof his home. 🙂

    • My husband would love your yard much better for one reason DEER! We don’t have deer anywhere near us. (They say it’s good luck when a dove makes a home in or near your home.)

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