Correcting my running form with a clip on sensor

I feel like I sound like a broken record sometimes since lately all I seem to mention on a regular basis are my back problems.  I hope I don’t seem negative because I’m actually a very positive person and I feel like I can find a solution if I can correct my posture but therein lies the problem, it’s a lot harder than it seems.

It’s like this:

back pain

Recently I’ve started to look at products that I can use which will help me improve my posture when I’m running.  I wanted something that could tell me in real time, ‘hey, you’re slouching’ or ‘hey, you’re bouncing up and down like a rabbit’.

Lumo seems to have a product that offers something close in a small sensor that clips onto the back of your shorts.

Lumo Run is a tracker that also offers real-time audio coaching.  It measures your cadence, bounce, braking, pelvic drop and rotation.  It uses the knowledge of the company’s research to determine key characteristics for proper running form and then conveys that info directly to you in real-time but it goes even further.

Based on your weaknesses the Lumo Run app will even tailor exercises for you to help you strengthen the areas where you are weakest.  So it doesn’t just tell you what your weak areas are, it helps you correct them.

lumo run exercises

Now to be fair my Garmin 620 can do a lot of the same features but not all and I also have to wear the heart rate monitor to fully access all of the features.  Lumo Run is a small clip that sits right on your waistband.  The company also sells capris and shorts that are compatible with the sensor but they are not a requirement,  (and they’re sort of expensive in my opinion) if you’d prefer running in your own shorts, by all means do.

And don’t worry if you’re out running and end up in a rainstorm or I you happen to jump under the shower with your clothes on, don’t fret, the Lumo Run in waterproof!  That’s right, I said waterproof, as in, you can even accidentally wash it.

lumo run

Too bad you can’t do that with iPods and Fitbits 😉

I also like the fact that you can wear the Lumo Run and your fitbit or garmin at the same time because then I get all the stats and that makes my analytical heart so happy.  Best of all the Lumo Run is under a hundred bucks.  Even better August is my birthday month and MacGyver needs present ideas.  I’ve put the Lumo Run at the top of my list.

Does the Lumo Run sound like a product you would try?

Do you currently or have you ever suffered from back issues?

Have you used Lumo Run?  If so, tell me what you thought!  Please!

5 thoughts on “Correcting my running form with a clip on sensor

      • I didn’t fit it with a quick phone search but I very skeptical of a wrist posture corrector!

        I’m going to be really jealous of your gadet 🙂

  1. Can’t believe I missed that when I was looking at Lift.
    I’m interested in how it can measure so many things from one spot.
    I’m seriously considering it!

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