WTF Wednesday, the baddest of them all!

When MacGyver and I are down in Nokomis we frequently log onto the local news station that we watch in Clearwater so we can keep abreast as to what’s going on around our house while we’re away.

We were watching last week and it was a typical news day until this story came on:

razor theif(Click on the image to read the story or click here.)

And then we heard that the razor blades stolen were the exact same ones that MacGyver uses and the ones I steal from him to shave my legs, which is why 1,700 dollars for razor blades seemed perfectly reasonable.  He probably only got 5.

On Independence Day when MacGyver and I made our annual trek to the emergency room, (for the second time), the doctor was pretty explicit with his orders.  He said to make sure that we called an opthalmologist as soon as we could and and to make sure that we got an appointment immediately, because if we didn’t MacGyver could lose his eyesight.

Again, he was explicit.  I heard him correctly however, MacGyver heard something completely different.

doctors orders

I made getting an appointment my job and I called relentlessly until I got him in to see a specialist at 10:30AM this morning.  I wasn’t able to go with him because I had a prior appointment with the accountant but I asked him to call me if he needed a ride home just in case they dilated his eyes or anything.

I got home at 1PM and he was already there.  He said he went ahead and drove home but it wasn’t a big deal.  He said his eye was just a little blurry but that was probably because of the steroid shot that they gave him.



MacGyver just reached new levels of badassery today.  He is the new King of Badassdom and I bow down to his majesty.

WTF, it must be Wednesday

Have you ever had a shot in your eyeball?

Are you afraid of needles?

11 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday, the baddest of them all!

  1. Ain’t nobody gonna put a goddamn needle anywhere NEAR my eyes. Not happening. And just because I’ve done far more difficult things, doesn’t mean I can take someone stabbing my eye with a needle.

  2. Go MacGyver!

    I assume he had numbing eyedrops? I had LASIK and I’m still freaked out about doing things to the eye. *shivers*

    • He did. I asked if he felt anything and he said “I thought I would when I was watching the needle go in but I never did” Holy Jesus, I cannot even imagine getting a needle in my eye, but watching it, Uh, heck no! The man is brave or nuts, maybe both.

  3. My mother routinely gets injections in her eye for macular degeneration. When she first told me the eye doctor was going to give her injections, I kept asking – but in your arm right? I can’t even think about it without it giving me the creeps!

  4. lol The razor blade perp obviously plays for the Rays and has both a name and number on his shirt and so he SHOULD be pretty easy to track down, I’m thinking! Lol Sorry, maybe that should have read “Rays-or blade perp” And you’re right, a needle in the eye IS bad ass!

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