WTF Wednesday Pokemon Go, I am not slow!

I probably don’t need to keep telling you this but due to my neck and back issues, I’m not running right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t still get miles in.  I just have to walk instead and since I’d rather be running I had to find something to make the walking fun.  Enter Pokemon Go.

Pokemon expectations

Even though I’m walking, I still want to feel like I’m getting a good workout in and Pokemon Go can sometimes make that a little hard to do.  It would be even harder if I were trying to run.  I was thinking about that today and I’ve come to realize that Pokemon Go is not for runners.

First of all, when you’re running the last thing you really want to do is stop.  We don’t even like to stop for red lights and stop signs so I can’t imagine runners actually stopping to catch a bulbasaur.  Especially if you already have one, or four.


And here’s the thing, if you do stop to get that bulbasaur or any another Pokemon you can still miss it or worse, sometimes you catch them and the little boogers pop back out of the ball.  I swear.  What runner do you know are going to slow down or stop just to put that damn bulbasaur in the ball over and over again until it finally works.

Okay they might if it’s a rare one.  Or a really cute one.  Okay, I admit it, I did stop for Jigglypuff but I mean, Jigglypuff, worth it!


And you have to stop at the pokestops to get pokeballs and other items.  If you go too fast you miss them.  If I’m running and I can actually get the phone out and find the pokestop and then manage to run my finger across the screen to spin it and then finally pop the bubbles, I better not get a message telling me I’m too far away or to try again later!

And the most infuriating thing is the hatching of the eggs.  This is the concept that I started playing Pokemon Go for.  As you walk your eggs are incubating and when you hit a 2K, 5K or 10K they hatch. I was pretty sure this would keep me walking and I was pretty stoked to use it when I can run again because if that’s how you get the rare pokemon, I’m gonna rock this game.

But then I realized the system wasn’t all that accurate.  In fact, it’s flawed!  I know this because, like most runners, I keep track of that sort of thing.  When I would hit 5K I would look to see why the egg hadn’t hatched and sometimes it would say 4.9 and once it said 3.2.

Any runner who’s been running for any length of time has some sort of tracking app or watch or two, you know, for analysis and shit.  If you’re serious about your miles, you compare.  I compare stats all the time and I happen to use the Holy Grail of all running gear, the beloved Garmin, and any runner can tell you Garmin doesn’t lie.    It never lies.

And as further proof that Pokemon Go is not suited for runners, I submit to you the pokemon that I got today after a particularly hard mile in which I walked faster than I ever have before.


WTF It must be Wednesday!

Even though I won’t use it running I will continue to play Pokemon Go because I’m seriously addicted.

Do you play Pokemon Go?
What level are you?
Have you joined a gym (a Pokemon Go gym) and if so which one?  (I’m Team Mystic)

4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday Pokemon Go, I am not slow!

  1. I haven’t posted on IG or any social media platform for a while because I’m dealing with some health issues right now. Until we can figure out what is going on, I’m laying low. Walking (and swimming) is the only activity I can do. Lucky for me, Pokemon Go has been a great distraction. I started just last Friday. I’m at level 8. I probably spend at least 1 to 2 hours at the most on it, all during my walks. I guess you can say I’m a closet player because no one I know personally knows I’m doing it… well until someone we mutually know reads this.

    And I’ve gotten to a point where I don’t have to stop to catch the darn things. Once its in your sights, you can basically keep walking =). The trick as you know is not to hurt yourself or others. I’ve got 46 so far with my best one being a Raichu (Pikachu’s evolved pokemon). I actually caught it, but took me 37 pokeballs because his CP is over 500… lol…not a nerd of course.

    • Okay, I’m seriously jealous of the Raichu! Dayummm! That’s serious Ash Ketchum ish right there. I’m level 9 but only 40 pokemon and my CP is sad (204) but that’s because I refuse to stop at a gym and fight, I need to move. LOL I hope you get some answers soon, I’m in the same boat, but in the meantime we can be in the walking and swimming club together! 🙂 And there’s always poketalk, hehe

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