Watermelon ring rafts and other stuff

It’s Friday.  Let’s all play hooky and go for a run and then go see the most exciting movie to be released in like, forever, The Secret Life of Pets!

Because that’s what I’m doing today.  Well, after I finish purchasing these two things:

donut beverage holders

watermelon raft

Are those not the best pool toys?  I can’t wait to get them.  I love great pool toys.  If you want some too or maybe another really cool gadget like a yodeling pickle or yodeling bacon, you can get them at stupid.com. Of course, they have other stuff too, I just really like toys that yodel.

I wish I could take these two to see The Secret Life of Pets, they’d really like it.

Boomy boo

Hanky Poo

At least I think they would.  Look at them, they look so innocent in those pictures but don’t let em fool you, they’re part sweet and part street.

Have a fabulous weekend.

Are you going to the movies?  What are you going to see?

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