Tuesday, triplets you need to watch.

Leila, Liina and Lily Luik are triplets.  When they were 24 they started running together.  This year they turned 30.  And this year they will run the marathon for Estonia at the Summer Olympics in Rio, only six years after they started running together.

luik sisters

Their slogan is ‘trio to Rio’ and the Luik triplets are believed to be the only identical triplets to compete against each other in the Olympics.

The triplet runners Leila is currently the fastest, she has a PR of 2:37:11.  Liina and Lily run two and three minutes behind her, respectively.  While they are not expected to win a medal, they are hoping to finish together.

The three triplets from Estonia

Even if they don’t win a medal how cool is it that three identical sisters are running together in the Olympics?  That’s a movie waiting to happen, don’t you think?

Marathon running triplets

The three sisters who live in Estonia train mostly together, though they do live apart and are sometimes forced to train alone.  They spend the winter months in Kenya at a high-altitude training camp and because they are very close, the sister prefer training together as much as possible.

source:  nytimes.com

The sisters admit that it would be hard to beat the Kenyans in the Olympics saying, ‘we are not at the same kind of level as they are now.’  That being said, if you consider the fact that they only started to run long distances six years ago, the future looks pretty bright for these three.

3 triplets run marathon

Typically our sport is solitary and so much of it is mental.  Imagine having not one, but two sisters there with you pushing each other, encouraging each other, motivating each other.  It’s why I follow the three sisters and I can’t wait to see what great things they accomplish.

Have you heard of the Trio to Rio?

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  1. That’s really cool! Heh, they run 26 faster than I run 13.

    I looked into visiting Estonia for the weekend when I was in Germany (it wasn’t a direct flight and I was feeling too lazy to plan it).

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