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What do you do if you’re all set to run the Olympic trials in 3 months and then you learn you have a stress fracture and you won’t be able to run for 5 weeks?

If you’re Emily Infeld you cross train your way right onto the Olympic team.  Read all about her injury and her cross training here or click on the image below.

Emily InfeldChristie Brinkley looks amazing for 62 years old, there is no denying that, but up until very recently, the assumption was that she had never had any ‘work’ done.  Now Christie is finally admitting that she does get a little help from fillers.

Christie Brinkley

I knew it!  Although she avoids botox she does use other fillers and you can read all about it here.

AB Cracks.

No seriously, do you know what this is?  I have to admit I had no idea what people were talking about when they mentioned trying to achieve the perfect ab crack.  And in case you, like me, are clueless, let me show you an ab crack.

ab crackRead all about ab cracks and why not everyone can achieve this latest body craze.  I personally have never had an ab crack and I am pretty sure it’s not in my genes nor will I ever be able to achieve one.

And besides that, I’m not sure I would want an ab crack, I already have a regular crack and thankfully, I don’t go showing it off all over town.

Onto a subject that interest me, siince I’m obviously a big fan of poop and poop conversations, this article intrigued me.

how to poopThey’re wrong about one thing when it comes to me because I do peek, every time.  TMI?

And this is my favorite story of all.  If you know me then you know I love me some pasta but I’ve limited the amount I eat because I had heard too much was fattening.  Turns out I may have been wrong and I”ve never been happier about it!


And now it’s your turn, tell me what your reading about this week.

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  1. I’d say Emily’s strong, fit body trumps Ms Ab Crack’s any day! You will never see a Victoria Secret model with an Ab crack. I do not want an ab crack, it looks strange to me…but then I’m old. 🙂

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