Thursday things and Pokemon Go fragrance (for real)

Do you think it’s harder to lose weight as you get older?  It is, but don’t tell that to Diane Naylor of Oakhurst, Ca. because at age 59 and weighing in at over 300 pounds she decided to do something about it.  Two years later and 177 pounds less, Diane is a success story.  And then some.

Weight lossRead more about her story here.

Are you in good shape?  I mean really good shape.  Can you touch your toes?  Do you sleep like a baby?  Did you know those are signs of what shape you’re in?

If you wanna know what kind of shape you’re currently in, you might like this article I found on The Cheat Sheet.

are you in good shape

I’ve seen a lot of weird things while out running and walking.  Yesterday was no exception.  I thought I heard something strange on the basketball court and when I crossed the bridge over the court I looked down and saw this:

bird plays bball

Who brings a large exotic bird to play basketball? Someone who lives in Florida of course!

One last item of interest for all of the Pokemon Go fans.  Did you know they just released a fragrance?  Seriously, it’s unisex and supposedly smells like hints of orange and vanilla.

Pokemon go fragrance

It’s available here but unfortunately it’s sold out right now.  If you don’t like the smell it’s probably not worth the eleven or twelve dollars that it retails for.  I realize that’s affordable for almost anyone but it doesn’t work as a lure or incense and it wont help you catch a charizard so, I’ll probably pass.

What do you think about the new Pokemon Go fragrance?  Will it be a hit or miss?

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