Shame on you Dani Mathers, Shame on you!

Dani Mathers is a playboy model and she’s also (in my opinion) a mean girl.  A really mean girl who recently took fat shaming to a whole new level.  What Ms. Mathers did was take a photo of a nude women in the locker room of the gym she was in.  Then she posted it on snapchat with the caption, “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

Source: said the message was supposed to be private but instead she posted it publicly.  She later deleted the image as well as her Instagram and twitter accounts and claimed that this is not the type of person she is.


Really?  Seriously?  You say it’s not what you meant to do…what did you mean to do?  What was your angle because I don’t get it.

I think you are ‘that kind of person’.  I think you’re the kind of person who is upset she got caught.  You’re the kind of person who laughs at people behind their backs but smiles in their faces.  You’re the kind of person who declares she made a mistake but hides behind excuses when asked why?  I think you don’t care about that woman’s feelings at all and I wonder what the hell is wrong with you?  I wonder if you even care about your own self?

That’s why I hope the Los Angeles police department can find the women you so hurtfully shamed.  I hope they find her and I hope they press charges against you for violating her right to privacy in a locker room of a gym that she is a member.  I’m also glad they revoked your membership and that L.A. Fitness has banned you from their clubs.  I hope other gyms follow their lead.

I hope you learned a valuable lesson.  With all the bashing you’re getting on the internet, being banned from your gym, and fired from your job, I hope when you look in the mirror you’ll finally see how ugly you are and I hope you’ll do something about it.

What do you think about what Dani Mathers did?

6 thoughts on “Shame on you Dani Mathers, Shame on you!

  1. This is a person who has no morals. This seems to be true of many people in this day and age. They just do not get it. LAPD and the Court System just convicted her. She will be on City Cleanup and three years probation among a couple of other things. Karma will be a nasty payback for this total and complete bitch.

    • I saw her court appearance and I don’t want to come off too judgemental or harsh or hell maybe I do, she just didn’t seem all that remorseful to me. And you’re right, she is an utter bitch and in my opinion ugly from the inside out.

  2. what a c***. yes. that four lettered “c” word.

    who the hell is she!!??…..ohhh i see a playboy model. HAHAHAHHAahahaaaaa.


  3. I think the CA/LA can press charges without the victim being found.

    What a horrible thing to do. I can’t believe she would post a nude picture of someone without consent. Making fun of a woman at the gym is bad enough but violating her privacy like that?

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