Friday Fire and Stoned

Last night MacGyver and I pulled another dead tree limb out of our huge oak tree.  It’s the third one this week due to the nightly thunderstorms that we’ve been having.  I don’t mind the thunderstorms or the fact that we have to clean up branches all summer.  It’s just a huge pain in the ass trying to find out how to dispose of them what with my ongoing war with the garbage men.

garbage men

Fortunately the limb that fell most recently was already dead and had been for some time which meant if we cut it all up we could burn it in the fire pit and that was a good thing because all of my trash cans were already full with brush.  (You’re welcome garbage man.)  There are only two things I like more than burning brush in Florida smack dab in the middle of summer and that’s going to the dentist and having minor surgery because yeah, it’s that bad.

This morning I decided the best way to start my day would be with a nice five mile walk but instead of going to the park like I have been doing this week, I decided to walk a few miles in my neighborhood first.  There is one particular area with a big house in the center of a circle.  If you walk around the circle it’s about a half mile so I decided to go that way.  Typically I never walk that way early in the morning which is why I was surprised to see several roofers around their cars having their morning cigarettes, coffee and soda.

They were working on the house in the center so there was no way around them and the smell of the smoke was horrible.  It was like a dead animal or a skunk and I looked over toward two of the roofers and noticed it looked like they were smoking thin cigars.  Anyway, I had planned on walking around twice which would be 1 mile but the stench was so bad that I headed toward the park instead.

I walked around Kapok Park for a half a mile or so and I began to feel a bit dizzy.  I felt like maybe my blood sugar was low and I was trying to remember if I had eaten any sugar the night before.   It was really weird though because typically once my blood sugar gets low I get dizzy and then shaky.  I didn’t feel shaky at all just very relaxed.  After about ten minutes I felt completely normal again.

It was strange but I couldn’t really think about it because I was starving…………and then it hit me.

contact high

Those weren’t cigarettes at all!  Holy shit, I had a contact high from all the smoke.  I wondered if anyone else knew what was going on.  I mean, the cloud of smoke was insane.  Surely someone else smelled it and knew what they were doing.  How could I not know?  Was I clueless?  I’ve been a teenager, I’ve gone to concerts, I should have known!  I can’t believe I didn’t realize it.  So, I decided to go back the same way, strictly for scientific reasons but by the time I got back they were already working on the roof.

And with that, I have to run.  Gotta feed my peacock who’s knocking on the door.  It should be an awesome weekend, I’ve already started it out with a bong, I mean, a bang!

What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever smelled or seen while out running or walking?

6 thoughts on “Friday Fire and Stoned

  1. Last time I ran at the beach there were a couple of instances where I smelled pot.

    What’s in the garbage truck picture? Is it he’s missing the can? Or was he rear ended?

  2. LOL! Don’t know if it was the strangest thing I’ve smelled while running, but running right by TWO dead skunks on the side of the road was the WORST! Strangest/worst thing I’ve SEEN……a flasher on the trail I was running on.

  3. Hilarious! Yes, I’ve been out running in my small town and definitely get a whiff of marijuana coming from a patio now and then, but never a cloud of smoke like you ran through! Hopefully you got a pizza or nacho’s when you got home…… 🙂 Have a great weekend

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