beep, beep, beep, BAM!

Because there have been so many break-ins in our neighborhood recently, MacGyver installed a bell-type alarm/alert system.  It’s like an Alarmalerter but that’s not what it’s called.

word baller

I call it the Alarmalerter anyway because I’m a baller.

Anywho, the purpose of the Alarmalerter is to inform you when someone pulls into the driveway by emitting a series of short beeps.  The short beeps sound more like a door bell hyped up on Adderall and utilizing a megaphone.  It didn’t really matter at first because it hardly ever went off but that was then.

MacGyver decided it wasn’t sensitive enough so he moved it around and adjusted it, just so.  And then he went off to work.

That damn Alarmalerter goes off every time a god damn bird or a squirrel goes by not to mention the hundreds of cars that pass by every day.   It’s annoying the living crap right out of me right now and it’s about to sail through the door at any time.

And one more thing.   I couldn’t show you before because it was a gift for a friend but I was working on a new project for the last few months with the beads and the resin on glass. I was pretty pleased with the final outcome and I think she was too.

This is what I made for my friend.

Peacock craft

Can you find the sharks tooth?  You know I hide one in every design.

MacGyver wants me to make him a super grand slam with a trout, snook, redfish and grouper.  (That’s the four specific fish that you have to catch in a single day to make a super grand slam.)


That’s all I got.  I’ma bout to strangle a beeping damn white box!

What throws you off and distracts you when you’re trying to work?

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