An alligator and a Stick bug walk into a park….

I had to get my miles in this morning and since I’m not running but I am walking I figured I might as well go take a stroll through one of my favorite parks, Kapok Park.

kapok park

Forgive the blurriness but it’s oh so hard to take a picture and capture a weedle at the same time.  Trust me, those boogers like to hop!  Anyways, I haven’t been to the park in a while.  The last few times I was there I ran across people who gave me the creeps and since I run alone most days I decided to err on the side of caution.

Photograph by Craig Fox/

Photograph by Craig Fox/

(I’ve been dying to use that picture, hilarious!)

But not today, today I decided to do as my man Casey from Texas Flip and Move says and “Risk it to get the biscuit.”  And so at 6:35AM this morning I headed to the park.  Fortunately, I did not see any creepers today.

I did however see many bunnies, a rather large alligator and a weird bug.  The bug looks like a stick bug and I’m pretty sure it was.

stick bug

I christen thee, Kapok Park Bug

I was going to ask some of the people who ran, walked, or biked by me but I think they all thought it was strange that I was taking a picture of a bug on the trail when there were so many alligators, turtles, ducks and birds all around.

What can I say?  I like bugs.

If you ran in Florida would you worry more about the alligators the weird bugs or the mosquitoes?

2 thoughts on “An alligator and a Stick bug walk into a park….

    • LOL, I often wondered just how fast I could run if someone or something were chasing me…I’m pretty sure it would be a PR that I’d never ever get close to again! 🙂

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