A, E, I, O, POO

Happy July 1st, otherwise known as National Postal Worker day, or in my case, time to finally see the neurologist day.


Except for mine, mine isn’t all that awesome.  Zombie’s take notes.

In case you’re new here a few months ago I had to have an MRI and since getting the results back I’ve been waiting to see a neurologist.  Eight weeks later and the day has arrived.  It’s a good thing my insurance was quick to approve the initial appointment, right?

Unfortunately since this morning was the initial appointment, we just spent two hours going over all of my test and symptoms and now they need to run a bazillion more tests before I know anything.


So I get to spend the next few hours calling the lab and setting up multiple MRI’s, blood work and Electroencephalograms(say that once three times).   Oh joy.

In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some texts that my niece sent to me because, well, they’re hilarious.  She was here a few weeks ago on vacation and that’s when this first text dialogue happened.  It’s a gem.

funny text about poo

In case you didn’t know this, we like talking about poo.  It doesn’t matter if it’s human poo or dog poo, all poo is funny poo.


This week I got this text from her complete with pictures.  Let me lay the groundwork for you.  She has a dog named Bella and she is very much loved and adored, but the dog is nuts.  (It’s okay Bella Boo, we love you anyway.)

funny text

lawn debris

Compliments of Bella!


Lacy lawn debris, the latest in yard decor!


And this next meme was also inspired by my niece and the stories she tells me about her neighborhood.

It’s not about poo but it’s still funny.



All right, it’s time for me to get to scheduling.  Here’s to hoping I get back to running tomorrow.  We are in Nokomis after all and the Legacy Trail is calling my name!

What are your plans for the weekend?

What’s the best text you’ve gotten recently?  Please share because I love a funny text!

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