WTF Wednesday, the ninja

If yesterday was heavenly for running, today was not technically hell but more like purgatory.  The humidity is still fairly low but the difference between 71 and 78 degrees is basically, fire.

After my run on yesterday I showered and dried my hair but I wasn’t happy with it and not knowing what to do I just threw a few hot rollers in it and commenced with work.  I completely forgot about the curlers but to be perfectly honest I do this on a regular basis.


What do you mean I’ve left curlers in my hair?

Anyway at some point late in the morning I took the curlers out and ran outside to feed the duck and the peacocks.  By this time it was already hot and those tight curls sort of released a little because I was sweating so I just pulled my hair back into a ponytail and said the hell with it.

I went back to work until late afternoon and then realized I needed to run to Publix to pick up some groceries for dinner.  Not wanting to waste any time looking for a brush I ran my hands through my hair and headed out, (with a blob of biscoff on my shirt and mismatched socks because I’m nothing if not consistent.)

I pulled into Publix and walked towards the store and it was right about that time I noticed someone out of the corner of my eye.  It looked like a mini ninja and I was pretty sure he was following me so I sped up a little and so did he.   By the time I got inside the store I was practically running.  He had to be following me, he was on my heels the entire time and who wears black ninja gear in the summer in Florida unless you’re trying to make a hit on someone?  Dear Lord, I was toast!

I have never shopped so fast in my life as I hit up random aisles and made all kinds of turns to lose the ninja.  After about 10 minutes I was sure I was in the clear so I went down the pet aisle to peruse the bird feed.  (Because when  a ninja is chasing you, it’s time to get random.)

That’s when the ninja approached from my left.  I saw him right before he came up on me.  I looked around to see if there was an escape route or an old person to shove in front of him so I could get a head start, but no, I was trapped.  I slowly turned and looked up at the ninja but the ninja turned out to be a young woman with some really bad choices in fitness fashion.

“Excuse me”, she said.  “I saw you in the parking lot and I followed you in.  I’ve been trying to stop you so that I could talk to you.”

And I’m thinking that she may be a little bitty thing but she’s been hired to kill me.

And then she said, “I just love your hair and I was wondering if you have a local stylist or salon that you go to.”


Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

What the hell was I supposed to say?  Really?  I mean should I tell her that my hair was the result of a 9 hour process?  One that involved blow drying, curling, leaving the curlers in for hours, feeding ducks in humidity and relaxing said curls with sweat, pulling the hair back into a messy ponytail and then because I’m too lazy to look for a brush, running my fingers through it to get that ‘tousled look’.

Nah, I just said, ‘Thank you, but I cut it myself and use a shampoo in color to hide any gray.’  (I should have been a politician.)

She thanked me and then said, “Well, you do a phenomenal job because your hair is absolutely beautiful.”

Little did she know she totally made my day, and not just because she complimented my hair but also because she wasn’t trying to kill me.  So thank you random ninja girl, thank you for making my day.

It’s the little things.  WTF, it must be Wednesday.

When is the last time someone ran up to you randomly and complimented you?   Tell me about it!

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