WTF Wednesday, a note from Bart Yasso! Happy Global Running Day

Today is Global Running Day!  If you need an excuse to get out of work or school so you can get that run in, here’s one from the Mayor of running himself, Bart Yasso.  Feel free to print it out and use it.  You can even share the link if you’d like.

Lots of race organizers are offering race discounts today only.  I would have put together a list but I’m really lazy busy this week.

I do however want to share with you some feel good stories about a couple of runners in the spirit of the day and because wtf, it’s Wednesday.

First up is Heidy Lozano.  You may not be familiar with her but she is definitely an inspiration.  I want to be Heidy, for real.  She just won her first marathon, won it, and she’s a very young, 53.  Yep, I said 53.  Heidy freakin rocks!

marathon winner

You want to be Heidy too!

Read all about her marathon victory here. 

You can also read about her here.

You may know who Kate Middleton unless you’ve been living under a rock or never look at the tabloid magazines in the grocery store checkout.  She is definitely someone I like reading about but as far as awe inspiring, I’m going to have to go with Kate’s little sis, Pippa.

Pippa Middleton

Go Pippa!

She just completed one of the most grueling marathons ever and she had an impressive finish as the 13th overall female.  That’s near the top in case you’re wondering….

Go ahead and click here to read about it.

And in just one month we can see the premiere of The Runner from executive producers Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

In honor of Global Running Day, check out the preview:

Are you running for Global Running Day?  How many miles will you run today?  (I’m gonna go for six but I need to go now, it’s crazy hot here already.)

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