The hunt for Tarpon and tropical storms

Good morning.  I hope y’all had a restful and relaxing weekend.  For the most part, we did.  I had to work a large part of Saturday night and early Sunday morning due to an issue that I had no control over, but I ain’t mad about it….anymore.

a weekend?

Besides, I’m still working on the same problem this morning.  UGH!  Anyhow, let’s recap a little because I did have some fun over the weekend, well, except for this.

Warning:  Blood!

weed eater injury

Apparently, the weed eater and I still aren’t friends since it continues to beat the shit out of me every time I use it!

Do you know what happens when you mow the lawn and trim the weeds?


snake 1

snake 2

I hope my neighbor isn’t upset with me because I totally chased them into his yard.

MacGyver and I took our niece and her boyfriend out on the boat Friday and we decided to go out into the Gulf at Stump Pass.  We saw hundreds of tarpon feeding and a few guide boats fishing for them.  We didn’t have any bait or the proper rod and reels but we improvised to find something that would work and then we spent so much time trying to land bait that by the time we had some, the tarpon had long gone,

but our obsession had only just begun.

yes i fish

And so yesterday after I wrapped up work, MacGyver and I along with his dad headed out to Stump Pass again.  We stopped just before entering the Gulf and landed a shit ton of bait.  We had all the proper equipment and then we headed out.

Nothing.  No tarpon anywhere.  We waited around an hour or so and then the storms rolled in and of course we got soaked.  Better luck next time.

We had to hurry home because we had a lot of preparing to do.  Enter Colin.

TS COlin

TS warning

After packing away all of our yard ornaments ad tiki torches and misc. crap we headed back to Clearwater.  If you’ve never lived in Florida or had the opportunity to be here during a storm, this is what happens on the interstate.


MacGyver and I got home around 8 last night and quickly put away what we could.  We finished this morning just in time to go get supplies and by supplies, I mean wine.


Here’s hoping we have power and internet tomorrow.  (If not, I’ll be the drunk girl on an ice cream sandwich float in her backyard.)  Until then, I need to get as much work finished as I can.

Have you ever been in a hurricane or Tropical Storm?
On a scale of 1-10 how much do you prepare when there’s a threat of serious weather?

6 thoughts on “The hunt for Tarpon and tropical storms

  1. Greetings from Germany!

    Yeah, had one of those snakes in my yard the other day. Ugh!

    Pre…pare? What? I am bad. You wouldn’t know I’m a native FL although we had less issues up north I think. Actually, I know about them when I overhear talk.

  2. This storm should be good for our lawns and that’s about it (hopefully).
    I’m more concerned with the slithering friend in your yard than I am with the wind and rain. I hate snakes.

    • I always see snakes right before or after storms, everytime. I’m don’t really like them either. I actually do like storms so I get a little disappointed when they don’t ‘perform’ well. 🙂

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