Sweet tea and mosquito plants

Happy National Ice Tea day.  What?  You didn’t know?  That’s okay, I don’t need a card or anything.  I’m perfectly fine if you just want to bring me some sweet tea.  I prefer Chick-fil-A sweet tea but McDonald’s sweet tea will do in a pinch, just so ya know.

sweet tea

So are you glad it’s Friday or what?  I sure am.  I love me some weekend.  In fact, I may start a little early.  I have a conference call at 1 but the kid is off today and after my call we may take the kayaks up to one of his favorite rivers and paddle around for a few hours or we may just go hike the trail.  We haven’t decided what we’re doing just that we’re doing something.

I’m hoping the afternoon is nice and the rains hold off.  In case you didn’t know it happens to be our rainy season here in Florida.  I don’t mind because my flowers look amazing right now.

pink daylilies

See? Amazing right?


I have five plumeria trees and I want more. They’re so pretty.

Unfortunately the rain also brings out the critters and by critters I mean those pesky ol mosquitoes.  Besides being pesky, mosquitoes are dangerous little boogers who spread nasty diseases.  Fortunately there are no known cases of mosquitoes in the US transmitting the Zika virus but Florida does have the most confirmed cases so it’s always a worry.

I use to slather on all kinds of deet laced chemicals any time I walked outside in the summer but I hated doing that.  It can’t be good for you, in fact, I know it’s not but what’s the alternative, encephalitis?  This year I went to Lowe’s and bought some of these plants which are supposed to repel the pesky beasts.


Citronella plant, aka a geranium.

In case you haven’t seen those before, they are citronella plants and YES, they do smell like citronella even though they are actually geraniums.   In fact, they smell so strong that with four of them in my back seat, MacGyver sneezed the whole way home.  Unfortunately they don’t actually repel mosquitoes.  Maybe a tiny bit, but not like deet.  To repel mosquitores you need the actual citronella plant, or lemongrass.


I think the lemongrass is prettier anyway.

I plan on buying lots of lemongrass this weekend and I’m hoping it does the job.  It’s not only the humans in the house we have to protect.  We also have to protect our ducks and our turtles.

tommy turtle

Nothing’s getting past this shell lady, nothing!

Okay, but we do have to protect these two guys.


What mosquitoes? I’m just glad it’s Friday! Let’s party! Got anything to eat?


I live in a house full of crazy….

How do you keep the mosquitoes away?

Do you use sprays or lotions to help keep mosquitoes off of you?

Are you going to get some iced tea today?     

6 thoughts on “Sweet tea and mosquito plants

  1. Ack protect the pups!!!

    Blech to sweet tea. And I like all things sweet….. i’ll take a slurppee instead.

    mmmmmm cherry slurpeeeeee

  2. Oh ugh! I hate sweet tea!!! It tastes like sugar water. I’m the odd southerner who likes unsweetened tea (because my family isn’t from the south). I wish i had some U/ST! It’s one of my favorite beverages.

    I call the county to spray whenever the skeeters get bad. Other than that, I usually don’t try to fend them off. Umm, I wonder if that was lemongrass that I dug up around the yard when I bought my house? (I think it was monkey grass)

    Are the top flowers plumeria, too? I need some of them 🙂

    • I wish I wasn’t addicted to sweet tea but I blame it all on my sister, it’s her fault, she created this monster. Anywho….

      The county won’t spray here because our neighbor has bee hives so there’s that…and the top flowers are actually pink florida daylilies. I pulled two of them from an abandoned house in the neighborhood a few years ago. I made sure to pull the entire bulb out and I planted them in my yard. In just 2 and half years I now have hundreds from those original two! I love them. 🙂

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