Running in Florida is more dangerous than any other place, maybe.

By the time you read this I’ll most likely be in route or already at my doctor’s office all the way down in Venice.  This is one of my final follow up’s with her before I meet with the neurologist on the 1st of July.

doctor visits

Right? Isn’t this always the case? Always!

Anyway, I wanted to get in a short run before I made my way down to Venice which meant I had to leave before 6AM this morning and that’s when I got the idea for this post, shortly after some carnivorous type of animal ran within 2 feet of me.  I’m calling this post, running in Florida is more dangerous than any other place, maybe.

Reason number one is also why I ended my title with maybe, it’s hot.  It’s so hot in fact that you can die of heat stoke within a few minutes of leaving your house.  Seriously, okay maybe.  Heat also makes you lazy so I didn’t really look any of that data up or verify my facts but just trust me, it’s hella hot.

running in Florida

Another reason is all the animals.  We have coyotes, panthers, cougars, black bear, snakes, gators and a whole mess of other things that maybe won’t kill you but will still scare the shit out of you and you could have a heart attack like I almost did this morning.

You also have to be extra careful running by any body of water and if you think for a minute you’re just gonna jump in and cool off, think twice.  If you’re at the beach there could be a shark or a stingray or a jelly fish just waiting for you and if you think a lake or a pond is safer, no, it’s not.  There’s probably an alligator or a water moccasin just lurking about waiting for you.

do not molest gators

I wasn’t planning on doing either. In fact, I’m wondering why this sign is even necessary….

All those things are scary enough but the number one reason you need to be afraid of running in Florida has nothing to do with the weather, how hot it is, or the wildlife.  No, the deadliest thing of all, the most dangerous thing, the worst of the worst is this….

old lady drivingoh boy

Of course, I didn’t research the last fact either.  See:  It’s hot, heat makes you lazy.

It’s Friday, have a laugh, finish up your work and go enjoy the weekend.

What’s the most dangerous thing about running where you live?

What are you doing this weekend?

6 thoughts on “Running in Florida is more dangerous than any other place, maybe.

    • I’m impressed, I got to six and about passed out. I don’t know if it’s because I’m getting older or what but I just can’t handle the heat like I use to. It sucks!

  1. OMG, how I love reading your blog!! And how the heck does one ‘molest’ an alligator anyways?? We have coyotes, wolves, foxes, cougars, bears and TONS of deer around here. No snakes or gators. Zero danger while running, and I am working all weekend …boo 🙁

    • Ah, I hate that you have to work on the weekend 🙁 I hope you get at least a little free time this weekend to get out there and run or do something fun! And thank you for reading, I’m glad you enjoy it 🙂

  2. I think they need to put up that sign because people have lost the ability to develop common sense.
    I’m not sure what the top dangers are here, but yesterday we had a small earthquake so I’d say that’s up there.
    Good luck with the heat–stay safe!

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