Lasso that Yasso, 800’s that is.

Good Morning!  I hope your weather is as nice as ours is today because I am in heaven.  It was 71 degrees this morning when I left to run at 6:30 but the humidity and the dew point were in the low 60’s so it actually felt like 71 instead of 90, crazy isn’t it?  I would give up chocolate if we could have weather like this every day.

chocolate, yes please

Okay maybe not chocolate but broccoli, I’d give up broccoli.

Anyway, my point is it was really nice this morning and so I decided to practice some 800’s.  I’m not training for anything right now but when I am, I love incorporating Yasso 800’s into my routine.  This morning I ran them while listening to Lewis Del Mar’s Loud(y).

The weather coupled with that song make anything seem easy.

In honor of track Tuesday let’s talk about Yasso 800’s for a minute and what they are exactly.  For newbie’s or those of you who don’t run, an 800 is roughly a half mile or two laps around the track.

The premise behind the yasso 800’s is that if you want to run a 3:30 marathon then you would need to train by running 800’s in 3:30 each and jogging the same amount of time in between.  If you want to run a 4:20 marathon then you run your 800’s in 4:20 and so on.  You get the point.

You should start doing Yasso 800’s when you begin marathon training.  You start by running four 800’s and then increasing each week until you reach ten of them.

Yep, we are

Now, in my experience Yasso 800’s have not been 100% accurate for me, but that’s my experience.  I’m not a running coach or a scientist but I do like numbers and analytics and I like the theory behind the 800’s but I use them mainly for speed work because they do help me with speed.  I personally feel like for the theory to work for me I’d have to run a lot more of them for a much longer distance.

Adversely, I think it’s also really important that you don’t forget your weekly long run as well as some tempo training and a few easy runs.  With all of those things in your arsenal you should be able to nail your next race.  With that being said, I’m interested in knowing about your own experiences.

Have you run Yasso 800’s in your training and if so were they accurate for you?

What’s your weather like today?

Do you have a favorite speed work song?  What is it?

6 thoughts on “Lasso that Yasso, 800’s that is.

  1. How do you measure out your 800? Do you go to a track?

    Off topic, do you have the HRM fitbit? I’m thinking of getting one with reward points and I think I might just go with the basic (like the original one I had).

    Weather is overcast. I’m still a little sick. Making excuses because I don’t feel like running. Maybe I’ll surprise myself though.

    • I used my Garmin to mark off 800’s around my neighborhood a few years ago and sometimes I go to the track.

      I have the Fitbit Charge HR but not the one with reward points, I like rewards, I should get that one. Or not, because it would just be another thing to be obsessed with, lol.

      I hope you feel better soon!

      • Sorry, I meant I was going to use reward points to obtain the fitbit. I’ll probably get the basic one since I don’t really wear bracelets, bracelets are usually too big for me and slide off.

        I was good and went for a run! I cut it shy of 3 miles since it started to rain and I don’t want to prolong my cold.

        • Yay! *big pat on the back from me 🙂 My Mom has the regular fitbit and she loves it. The charge lasted almost two weeks when she was here last and hers is 3 years old. Oh, and she also fell in the water at Stump Pass and it didn’t even ruin it!

          • I got caught in a big downpour and it messed up my fitbit (before I knew about putting it in rice). It worked but the display was very dim.

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