How to make your um, wind famous

Good Morning, how are you?  We’re pretty good over here.  Everybody’s healthy and happy but dang is it hot!  I left to go running around 6:30AM this morning and it was already 80 degrees.  That probably doesn’t sound too bad but factor in the humidity and you’re running in hell so there’s that.

Running in hell or Florida same thing really

Oh please I could run in a little fire like that any day, I live in Florida bitch!

I have been dying to share a story with you that I read this morning before I went running.  It literally cracked me up and I seriously laughed out loud for like five minutes.  Of course, if you don’t have the humor of a 12 year old boy, (and believe me when I tell you that I do) then you may not find this near as funny as I did.

Assuming that you do have the sense of humor of a 12 year old boy, enjoy the following story.

the Famous Fart

They should have called it  Famous Flatulence

Click here to read the story 

You will not be sorry, it’s hysterical.  They even follow the story with the Family Guy fart duel which in my book is just classic fart humor.

And if you don’t enjoy fart stories, well

kiss my ass

You can just kiss my ass.


Tell me anything, extra points if it’s funny or makes me laugh out loud….

2 thoughts on “How to make your um, wind famous

  1. It’s wrong…but funny that the writer wasn’t sure (I’m sure he was) if the Swedish name was a newspaper or Ikea furniture.

    So, I ended up doing a tempo run with someone. And now I know that 800m is approx 1/2 mile! LOL

    Where’d ya get that ass?

    I called the neighbor’s termite guy an asshole when he ignored my when I told him their truck was blocking the road. Is that funny? Or just rude on my part? LOL

    • Lol, It was someone else’s ass but I kissed it anyway.

      I think its rude and funny you called the termite guy an asshole, rude on his part funny on yours. 🙂 Termite guys bug me anyway, see what I did there, heheh.

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